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Amor Group Builds Sales Strategy on the Sales Cloud

Scotland’s largest business technology company puts cloud computing from at heart of aggressive growth plans

LONDON, UK –, the enterprise cloud computing company, today announced that Scotland’s largest independent business technology company, Amor Group, has chosen to implement the Sales Cloudfrom to drive a structured program of systematic sales improvement.

Amor Group will automatically manage all sales processes related to customers and prospects – from tracking the request when a prospect registers their interest on the company’s website to managing customer evaluations, order processing and revenue declaration. The Sales Cloud, the world’s leading sales force automation application, provides a powerful set of tools for managing sales processes, including forecasts and in-depth analysis of business critical sales information to be used in contact, opportunity and lead management.

Amor Group’s decision to implement the Sales Cloud was prompted by its focus on rapid sales-driven growth. The company has made a commitment to investors to double its revenues from £30 million at management buyout (MBO) in 2009 to £60 million by 2012.

Amor Group plans to achieve this growth through an aggressive sales-driven business strategy, based around a group sales improvement plan, one of the central components of which is the introduction of tools, techniques and methodologies for structured, systematic sales improvement. This is where the use of the Sales Cloud delivers such compelling benefits for Amor Group.

As Martin Bowman, Amor Group’s sales director for transport, explains, “we needed a customer relationship management (CRM) system that would enable us to engage in a more structured and dynamic way with prospective customers and support our rapid growth plans. was able to deliver this through its Sales Cloud, which we have integrated into the heart of our whole approach.

“Some CRM systems can quickly become bloated and act as a straitjacket on your growth plans and this can be a huge frustration,” adds Bowman, “particularly if you are an ambitious and fast-growing organisation like us. Fortunately, the reverse is true of’s CRM solutions, which is why we have chosen the company’s Sales Cloud to drive our ambitious business development strategy.”

“It was also important that we had an application that was ‘always on’ and available to use whenever we needed it and regardless of the type of device we were connecting from, so we quickly ruled out most traditional desktop-based applications,” continues Bowman.

“We are now looking to build in complementary methodologies that allow us to engage in the kind of professional selling that will deliver the results we want as a business. In this respect, the flexibility and scalability that the Sales Cloud provides is a key benefit to us. We would recommend it to any business that wishes a structured and systematic tool to support its growth efforts.”

By using the Sales Cloud, Amor Group has been able to put itself on track to meet its growth targets by focusing on core processes and adding capability as and when required, safe in the knowledge that its applications are receiving security and performance enhancements automatically at no additional cost.

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