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Flexible escrow and discounted SAAS escrow

Manage your risk and business critical applications.
Mitigate against risks and ensure business continuity with the ScotlandIS escrow service.
Secure access to vital software source code in a crisis.

An Escrow Solution is a specialised form of assurance, where any business critical application or material can be securely deposited with ScotlandIS.

The source code can be accessed if an “enabling” event occurs, such as the Software developer:

These types of incidents can have a profound impact on clients’ business critical systems and may leave them exposed. Increasingly clients are aware of this and are looking for ways to manage this risk and ensure business continuity

How can we help

ScotlandIS maintains a Software Escrow service. Software Escrow agreements provide protection for users of software applications so that if an “enabling” event occurs, the user can gain access to the source code, alllowing the applications to be maintained and further developed; this ensures business continuity.

Escrow agreements can also act as protection for your source code where it is being used as an element or component of a larger application. Under the agreement the source code will be deposited at regular intervals so that if an “enabling” event occurs either the client can gain access to the current source code, enabling the development to be continued or the completed product to be maintained, or you as the developer can demonstrate that the source code under dispute is that which your business developed. Our Escrow agreements are flexible and can cover source code only, or source code, development tools and access codes as appropriate.

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Head of ScotlandIS Data

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