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November 2017
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August 2017
  • Aberdeen – Regional Review (Graeme Gordon comment), Scottish Business Insider, August , Print
  • Slainte – Skyscanner picture from Digi Tech, Scottish Business Insider, August, Print
July 2017
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December 2016
November 2016
  • Tech 100: Polly Purvis – Scotland must raise its sights to become digital world leader, Holyrood (24/11/16)
  • Autumn Statement comment, Tech City News (24/11/16)
  • Autumn Statement comment, Compute Scotland (24/11/16)
  • Autumn Statement comment, Scotland B2B (24/11/16)
  • Autumn Statement comment, Real Business (24/11/16)
  • Autumn Statement comment, Daily Business (23/11/16)
  • Good Morning Scotland – Polly Purvis cyber security interview, BBC Radio Scotland (19/11/16)
  • Event round up – ScotlandIS cyber security event, The Times – FutureScot (print) (14/11/16)
  • Why Scotland’s tech scene is leading the way, UK Startup Jobs (14/11/16)
  • Michelle Rodger column – cyber security + comment from Polly, (print) The National (7/11/16)
  • Michelle Rodger column – cyber security + comment from Polly, The National (7/11/16)
  • ScotlandIS to host digital technology cyber threat event, Tech City News (1/11/16)
  • ScotlandIS to host digital technology cyber threat event, Scottish Business News Network (1/11/16)
  • ScotlandIS to host digital technology cyber threat event, Daily Business (1/11/16)
  • Top cyber experts to give talks on security breaches, (print) The National (1/11/16)
  • Top cyber experts to give talks on security breaches, The National (1/11/16)
  • ScotlandIS to host digital technology cyber threat event, Compute Scotland (1/11/16)

October 2016
  • ‘We are on the crest of another wave of technology’. Future Scot (06/10/16)
  • Co-design will be at the heart of Scottish Government digital strategy. Future Scot  (06/10/16)
  • Interview: Polly Purvis - ScotlandIS. Daily Business  (06/10/16)
  • Russell urges cross-party talks on Brexit options. Daily Business  (06/10/16)
  • Talks explore digital growth. The National (06/10/16) (Print)
  • We need to talk about tech. BQ Live (06/10/16) 
  • Scotland set to tap into virtual reality revolution. The Scotsman (06/10/16) 
  • Digital sector urged to ‘think big and move fast’. The Scotsman  (06/10/16)
  • ScotSoft – 7 Elements Interview. Radio Forth (06/10/16) (Radio)
  • ScotSoft - Troy Hunt Interview. Radio Forth (06/10/16) (Radio) 
  • We are on the crest of another wave of technology. FutureScot (06/10/16)
  • Crooks and kids (not scary spies paid by govt overlords) are behind most breaches. The Register  (07/10/16)
  • Aberdeen Student named top young software engineer. The Scotsman (07/10/2016)
  • Young Software Engineers. Tech City News. (07/10/2016)
  • Scots entrepreneurs ‘must help startups’ The Times (07/10/2016) (Print)
  • North of Scotland students lift coveted IT awards. SBNN   (09/10/2016)
  • North of Scotland students take awards. ComputeScotland (09/10/2016)
  • Young Software Engineer. Glasgow Evening Times (09/10/2016) (Print)
  • Software Prize for Andreea. University of Glasgow  (10/10/2016) 
  • RGU computing graduate named Young Sofware Engineer of the Year 2016. Robert Gordon University (13/10/2016) 
  • Ian McConnell: Employers facing loss of crucial EU talent amid Brexit camp jingoism. Herald Scotland (14/10/2016)
  • Employers facing loss of crucial EU talent amid Brexit camp jingoism. The Herald (14/10/2016) (Print)
September 2016
  • Digital sector calls for action as fears mount over Brexit. The Scotsman (01/092016) (Print)
  • Digital sector calls for action as fears mount over Brexit. The Scotsman (01/092016) 
  • Brexit will harm access to IT staff finds industry survey. The Herald (01/092016)(Print)
  • Information tecnnology companies worried about access to skilled staff after Brexit vote. The Herald (01/092016)
  • Brexit will harm access to IT staff finds industry survey. The Herald (01/092016)(Print)
  • Technology sector calls for government action to limit impact of Brexit. The National (01/092016) 
  • Positive action required to tackle Brexit inertia says digital tech sector. SBNN (01/092016)
  • Fifth of digital firms 'would quit UK' over EU vote. Daily Business (01/092016)
  • Scotland’s digital sector calls for action to tackle negative impact of Brexit. Hollyrood (01/092016)
  • Scottish business groups call for action after Brexit. BBC Online  (01/092016)
  • Tech trade body calls for “decisive” Brexit action. Future Scot (01/092016)
  • Polly interviewed on Good Morning Scotland. BBC Radio Scotland (01/092016) (Radio)
  • Scottish digital industry body urges action on negative impact of Brexit. Public Technology (02/09/2016)
  • How technology will transform the banking sector. The Scotsman   (13/09/2016)
  • Cyber risks on agenda at captial conference. The National (26/09/2016)(Print)
  • Cyber risks on agenda at captial conference. The National (26/09/2016)
  • Web security expert flies in for summit. The Courier (26/09/2016) (Print)
  • Cyber security on the agenda for ScotSoft as international expert comes to Edinburgh. SBNN (26/09/2016) 
  • Scotsoft cyber security expert keynote. Compute Scotland (26/09/2016) 
  • Cybersecurity on the agenda for ScotSoft as international expert comes to Edinburgh. Tech City News  (26/09/20

August 2016
  • "Digital Dozen" awarded funding to get young people into tech. Skills Development Scotland (04/08/16)
  • Digital projects that get children into technology awarded £250,000 of funding. Holyrood (05/08/16)
  • 12 digital projects to boost tech skills awarded £250,000. The Scotsman (05/08/16)
  • National funding programme to boost coding skills. FutureScot (05/08/16)
  • Digital inclusion projects win funding. (09/08/16)
  • New Forfar after-school club to find next generation of computing whizz-kids. The Courier (10/08/16)
  • Murray elected to ScotlandIS board. Daily Business (11/08/16)
  • Head Resourcing’s Murray joins ScotlandIS board. Recruiter (12/08/16)
  • Trading Places - the latest appointments in Scotland. The Herald (15/08/16)

July 2016
June 2016

  • Scotsoft 2016, October 6th. Compute Scotland (09/06/2016)
  • Sir Chris Hoy saddles up for ScotlandIS conference. The Scotsman (09/06/2016)
  • Developers to get full day at Scotsoft event. Daily Business (09/06/2016)
  • ScotSoft extends Developers Conference after successful first year. SBNN (09/06/2016)
  • European accolade for digital trade body ScotlandIS. The Scotsman (22/06/2016)
  • ScotlandIS wins European accreditation. Daily Business (22/06/2016)
  • ScotlandIS awarded national first. Compute Scotland (22/06/2016)
  • ScotlandIS scores first with European Commission accreditation. The Herald (23/06/2016)
  • ScotlandIS scores first with European Commission accreditation. The Herald (23/06/2016) (Print)
  • European award for ScotlandIS. The Scotsman (23/06/2016) (Print)
May 2016
  • Tech sector boss highlights ‘missed opportunity’ of cabinet reshuffle.  FutureScot (19/05/2016)
  • Scotlands tech sector needs young people. The Scotsman (27/05/2016)
  • Facebook buyout boost. The Herald (30/05/2016) (Print)

April 2016
  • Rising Stars - Paul Hutchinson. Scottish Business Insider  (01/04/2016)
  • Fund to support digital activities for young people. Skills Development Scotland (01/04/2016)
  • Fund to support digital activities for young people. The Scotsman (31/03/2016)
  • Scotland could create 70,000 tech jobs by 2020. Fresh Business Thinking (01/04/2016)
  • Strong growth for digital technologies industry. Scottish Financial Review
  • Digital technologies industry reports ‘strong growth’. Santander Corporate (01/04/2016)
  • Thriving digital sector striving to tackle skills shortage. Daily Business (01/04/2016)
  • Exceptional year for Scottish Tech. BQ Live (01/04/2016)
  • Scotland’s tech sector ‘optimistic’ following strong 2015 year. Daily Record (01/04/2016)
  • Two in three Scottish digi-tech firms increased sales in 2015. Press and Journal (01/04/2016)
  • Tech sector's boom set to continue, says new report. The National (01/04/2016)
  • Scots tech industry charging ahead with solid job demand. The Scotsman  (01/04/2016)
  • Scotland’s Tech Industry optimistic for 2016 after ‘exceptional year’. The Herald (01/04/2016)
  • Scottish Tech Industry Survey. The Times (01/04/2016) (Print)
  • Minding Scotland's research gap. BBC News online (01/04/2016)
  • Digital technologies industry reports 'strong growth'. BBC News online  (01/04/2016)
  • Scottish Tech Industry Survey – Polly interview.  BBC Radio Scotland (01/04/2016) (Radio Interview)
  • Scottish Tech Industry Survey. BBC 1 Scotland (01/04/2016) (TV Broadcast)
  • Technology industry survey. Contractor Umbrella (11/04/2016)
  • Sixth ScotlandIS honour digital stars. Compute Scotland (21/04/2016)
  • Technology toasts success at sell-out ceremony. Daily Business (21/04/2016)
  • Scotland’s digital stars honoured at ScotlandIS annual awards. SBNN (21/04/2016)
  • Skyscanner named Scotland’s best large tech business. The Scotsman (22/04/2016)
  • Edinburgh firms win big at digital industry awards. Scotland B2B (22/04/2016)
  • Skyscanner wins business award. The National (23/04/2016) (Print)
  • Scotland’s digital technologies industry reports ‘strong growth’. e-spaces (25/04/2016)
  • How to turn Scotland into a world leading digital nation. The Scotsman (April)
  • Smart meters offer a platform for digital innovation, conference told. Scottish Housing News (26/04/2016)
  • Smart meters offer a platform for digital innovation. Building Construction (26/04/2016)
  • Why smart meters could be the future of digital innovation in Scotland. Scotland B2B (26/04/2016)
  • Success for digital firm Calnex. Linlithgow Gazette (29/04/2016) (Print)


March 2016
  • Meet the MD: Polly Purvis of Scotlandis. Business Quarter (08/03/2016)
  • Science and technology special.  Business Insider (March edition) (Print)
  • Future skills special. Business Insider (March edition) (Print)
  • Silicon Glen: It’s decline and why Scotland no longer needs it. The Scotsman (10/03/2016)
  • ScotlandIS chief on gender ratio in Scots technology. The Scotsman (10/03/2016)
  • Shortlist unveiled for Scottisg digital tech awards. The Scotsman (16/03/2016)
  • Digital firms queue up for awards as sector booms. The National (16/03/2016)
  • Digital firms queue up in awards bid. The National (16/03/2016) (Print)
  • Shortlist announced for digital tech awards. Innovators Mag (16/03/2016)
  • ScotlandIS Awards April. Compute Scotland (16/03/2016)
  • Scotland's digital awards entries up by half due to tech industry growth. Edinburgh Science Triangle  (16/03/2016)
  • Scotland's digital award entries up by half. Daily Business (16/03/2016)
  • Scotland’s digital technology sector 'thriving' as entries flood in for awards. Holyrood (17/03/2016)


February 2016
  • Digital sector support needed. The Courier (19/02/2016) (Print)
  • Government support could see 70,000 jobs created. The Scotsman (19/02/2016) (Print)
  • Tech sector could create 70,000 posts in five years, says trade body ScotlandIS. The Herald(19/02/2016) (Print)
  • Morning news bulletin. Radio Forth 19/02/2016 (Radio Broadcast)
  • Scottish tech body calls for focus on growth. The Herald (19/02/2016)
  • Government support could deliver 70,000 digital tech jobs. The Scotsman (19/02/2016)
  • Friday Business roundup. The Scotsman (19/02/2016)
  • Plea to help develop invisible industry. Daily Business (19/02/2016)
  • ScotlandIS predicts 70,00 new jobs by 2021. BQ Live (19/02/2016)
  • Tech body calls for digital economy focus in Scottish Parliament Election 2016 manifesto. CBR (19/02/2016)
  • Trade body calls for digital collaboration. ScotlandB2B (22/02/2016)
  • Focus : digital growth. Compute Scotland (23/02/2016)
  • Interview with Polly. The Times – future Scot (24/02/2016) (Print)
  • Polly and Tommy featured in the digital list. The Times – future Scot (24/02/2016) (Print)


January 2016
  • Digital technology Oscars open for entries.  Innovators Mag  (07/01/2016)
  • Trio of categories added to Scottish digital technology awards. The Scotsman (07/01/2016)
  • The ScotlandIS Digital Technology Awards 2016 are now open for entries with some new categories emerging. Compute Scotland (08/01/2016)
  • Awards bekon for Scotland’s digital tech firms. ScotlandB2B (12/01/2016)
  • Major steps on road to world class digital vision. Business Insider (January 2016) (Print)
  • Computing sees gender imbalance in reverse. Business Insider (January 2016) (Print)
  • Digital and Tech Predictions for 2016. CodeClan (26/01/16)

December 2015


  • Movers and Shakers BQ Live 02/12/2015
  • What are the skills employees need for the future? 03/12/2015

  • Skyscanner & FanDuel success inspires next Scots tech 10/12/2015

  • Polly Purvis named CodeClan chair BQ Live 21/12/2015

  • Polly Purvis takes chair at digital skills academy   The Scotsman 21/12/2015

  • ScotlandIS chief to chair CodeClan The Herald  21/12/2015

  • Purvis to chair skills academy CodeClan  Daily Business 21/12/2015

  • Monday business round up: Five key stories of the day The Scotsman 21/12/2015

  • Digital Skills Academy appoints first chair Our Skills Force 21/12/2015

  • Purvis to chair digital skills academy Scottish Financial 21/12/2015




November 2015
  • ScotlandIS awards first CodeClan scholarship. (02/11/15)
  • Scholarship awarded at CodeClan. Edinburgh Reporter (02/11/15)
  • Scalerator project to catalyse Scottish start-ups 19/11/2015

  • Tech 100: Tommy Laughlin Holyrood 27/11/2015

  • ScotlandIS appoints digital veteran to North-East role 30/11/2015

  • New bosses appointed at Aberdeen firms Press & Journal 30/11/2015

  • ScotlandIS appoints Allan Sutherland North East rep SBNN 30/11/2015

  • Grampian digitech lobbyist Compute Scotland 30/11/2015

  • Boost for North East’s digital sector Innovators Mag 30/11/2015

  • Sutherland to head up ScotlandIS in North East Daily Business 30/11/2015

October 2015
  • Scotland's first coding school to plug the skills gap. TechWorld (01/10/15)
  • Edinburgh is ripe for development (podcast). Estates Gazette (05/10/15)
  • Feature on question time event. Estates Gazette (October 15)
  • CodeClan launches ScotlandIS scholarship. (14/10/15)
September 2015

  • 'The opportunities to build big are enormous', Polly Purvis. Daily Business (15.09.2015)
  • Insider special report: Women on boards. Daily Record (11.09.2015)
  • The Week Ahead: ScotSoft 2015. The Scotsman (14/09/15)
  • Digital tech industry to ‘think big’. BQ Live (17/09/15)
  • Digital tech industry to ‘think big’. Invest Edinburgh (17/09/15)
  • Digital tech firms urged to ‘think big’. ScotlandB2B (17/09/15)
  • ScotlandIS urges ‘think big’. Compute Scotland (17/09/15)
  • Video: meeting Nikita at ScotSoft 2015 South West News Service (17/09/2015)
  • Good Morning Scotland interview: Polly Purvis. BBC Radio Scotland (17/09/15)
  • Interview with CodeClan about ScotSoft and tech industry in Scotland. Forth One & Two (17/09/15)
  • Interview will Polly Purvis in hourly bulletins Forth One & Two (17/09/15)
  • Unicorn hunt is on as firms aim to be the third (17/09/15)
  • Platform: Polly Purvis on Scotland’s unicorns The Scotsman (17/09/15)
  • Tech boss says confidence is high (17/09/15)
  • Joe Marks: Think Games, not gamification Research Magazine (September 15)
  • Unicorns lead the digital way The Scotsman: Vision Scotland (September 15)
  • Young Software Engineer Award won by Abertay student (18/09/15)
  • Young Software Engineer of the Year Award won by Abertay student. Abertay University (18/09/15
  • Picture story: Meeting Nikita at ScotSoft 2015 Edinburgh Evening News (18/09/15)  
  • Digital growth on ScotlandIS agenda Dundee Courier (18/09/15)
  • YSE: Top Prize for Peeter Dundee Courier (19/09/15)
  • Young Software Engineer of the Year Award Scottish Business News Networks (20/09/15 )
  • 2015 Software names to watch. Compute Scotland (20/09/15)
  • Dundee student is young engineer of the year STV Dundee (21/09/15(
  • Informatics undergraduate comes runner up in Young Software Engineer Award Edinburgh Uni Informatics (21/09/15)
  • Polly Purvis: Tech 100 interview Holyrood (24/09/15)
August 2015

  • ScotlandIS Introduces Developers Conference to ScotSoft 2015. Scottish Businesses News (21.08.2015)
  • Edinburgh set to host first Developers’ Conference. Scotland B2B (19.08.2015)
  • ScotlandIS Introduces Developers Conference to ScotSoft 2015. Edinburgh Science (19.08.2015)
  • Developers 'to explore' at ScotlandIS conference. Daily Business (19.08.2015) 
  • Invest in Skills for Now and the Future. Microscope (August 15)           
July 2015
  • Unicorns turn myth into reality. The Scotsman (27.07.2015)
June 2015
May 2015

  • How Scotland learnt to create $1bn tech unicorns. Computer Business Review (28.05.2015)
  • Digital skills, by Polly Purvis, ScotlandIS CEO. Hollyrood (27.05.2015)
  • Buoyancy of Scottish digital technologies sector reflected in awards. Aberdeen Business News. (14.05.2015)
  • Buoyant DigiTech 2015. Compute Scotland (13.05.2015)
  • Digital technologies industry's 'strong prospects for growth'. BBC (13.05.2015)
  • Old faces and rising stars in DigiTech Awards 2015 shortlist. Business Quarter (13.05.2015)
  • Shortlist revealed for DigiTech Awards. The Scotsman (13.05.2015)
  • Survey: Scotland's digital sector confident on growth in 2015. Daily Record (12.05.2015) 
  • Graduates in demand with IT industry set for further growth. The National (12.05.2015)
  • Polly Purvis: Scotland’s IT skills shortage needs addressed. The Scotsman (12.05.2015)
  • Scottish digital technologies ramping up staff intake for 2015. Computer Weekly (12.05.2015)
  • Increased confidence among Scotland’s IT sector, survey finds. Holyrood (12.05.2015)
  • Positive trends in Scottish digital industry. Business Quarter (12.05.2015)
  • Scotland's digital companies upbeat about their future. Techworld (11.05.2015)
  • Graduates in demand for Scots IT firms. ScotBuzz. (11.05.2015)
  • Graduates in demand with Scottish digital technologies industry set for further growth in 2015. Recruitment International (11.05.2015)
  • Scottish digital technologies industry set for further growth in 2015. Aberdeen Business News (11.05.2015) 

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