Gordon Rates, CEO, Air Node

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Gordon Rates, CEO, Air Node

Company Background

Air Node is a single visualisation production pipeline, delivering high quality images more quickly and to a better standard than those from traditional processes. The technology is controlled by a single easy-to-learn user interface, so that the entire process can be delivered by a wide range of professionals. In Steve Job’s words, it’s air quality visualisation ‘for the rest of us’.

Automatically calibrate AirNode Interface to analyse the zone for canyons, roads and alleyways where Air flows within the location and chosen zone resulting in a graphical Mesh of zone. Similar to turning on X-ray specs.

What’s your favourite thing about the industry?

The ability, emphasis and many opportunities and established organisations to assist others in the Industry. There are many meetup or seminar or even conferences based around problem solving or knowledge exchange. These are an easy method to stay connect to the direction of the industry and meet attendees with similar roles. These often assist in changing the direction of the industry.

What’s your role and what does a typical day involve?

CEO, AirNode
There is no typical day. It involves doing construction of the product, business opportunities, contacting clients and possible clients, managing the funding and scheduling it, managing many of the businesses possibilities and many other.
Along with many decent breaks and ensure it is a fun experience.

Looking to the future, what do you see as being the next big thing in tech?

It is not an easy question and is great question. It not easy to give a conclusive answer. It could be Augment Reality (AR) which has some outstanding novel abilities. It is not easy to know what the main reason to use AR is on a few industries.

Any new products, services, events coming up for your business?

AirNode’s next product which is pending is X-ray specs for Air Quality Analysis. It is a very long process to produce. It is being sculpted and tested into a more robust product.
It is Air Quality Analysis in Urban zones and Visualisation of results for non experts.
Through a Scottish Government Digital Directorate CivTech 1.0 Beta Programme AirNode’s product was evolved and is continuing being evolved.
Commercial - Wanting to know how Air Quality impact your customers and 
                           --- Better Decisions on Air Quality
                           --- Extra knowledge about Air Quality impact on customers
Public Authorities
                           --- Wanting to know in depthly how Air Quality impact Citizens
Academic - Collaborate on Visualisation of results on Air Quality and Mitigation Research Projects          
                          - Collaborating to increase the amount of Air Quality Research projects, researchers involved and publications on it.
   To stay informed about the topic of Air Quality and similar topic there is AirNode Blog Articles at https://airnodeblog.wordpress.com/    
   For more information or a chat about your requirements or criteria just email gordon@airnode.co.uk for some more detail.

What do you consider to be the biggest benefit of your ScotlandIS membership?

It is possibly the assisting Start ups with information about possible opportunities to assist and resources needed.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

       It is the variety of interest things involved in.

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