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Why you won’t want to miss ScotSoft 2024

This year’s leading Scottish tech conference will bring together technical excellence and leadership vision to create a truly inspiring event for industry professionals at all levels.

From students to Junior Developers to Project Managers to CEOs, there will be something for everyone across our keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and lots of networking opportunities. 

During this conference you will: 

  • Connect with peers and industry leaders to develop your network
  • Discover new business and career opportunities
  • Learn about new and emerging trends from trusted industry leaders, academics and futurists capable of forecasting the coming year
  • Be inspired by a range of fantastic speakers

Here’s a flavour of who you’ll hear from at ScotSoft 2024 

  • Discover keynote Tom Johnson’s personal journey through the clandestine underworld of hacking, and understand the importance of building a robust Human Firewall within organisations to combat ever-evolving cyber threats, exploring things that would make your toes curl.
  • A big hit from ScotSoft 2023, Professor Eyad Elyan will be back to guide you through the AI landscape, highlighting emerging trends and the advantages of adopting AI in our societies.
  • What exactly is ransomware, how does it work, and what makes it such a successful form of attack for cyber criminals? Learn how to defend against this threat and explore the future of the cyber crime landscape.
  • The future of the Software Development industry is pivoting from “Implementation” to “AI-Assisted Knowledge Engineering.” Dive into the next stage in the evolution of the no-code paradigm, further accelerating the process of developing software; the more you know, the more you can do!
  • How can business leaders be climate leaders? Sheryl Newman and Gemma Jones discuss practical processes you can implement to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint.
  • Explore the motivations behind the open source CALM Architecture, how it works, and its usage in complex platform teams.

This is a great opportunity for you to bring back new ideas, strategies and methods that will ultimately benefit your organisation. Share key takeaways, including practices that you can start to implement immediately. 

Book tickets now or visit the ScotSoft homepage to see the full agenda for ScotSoft 2024.

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