Central-Scotland based DOGFI.SH Mobile confirms its presence at pioneering Axway Imagine Summit in London

Member News | 16.05.2017

Central-Scotland based DOGFI.SH Mobile confirms its presence at pioneering Axway Imagine Summit in London

Stirling-based DOGFI.SH Mobile has announced that it will be sponsoring the first ever Axway Imagine Summit, a series of exclusive events taking place in key destinations around the globe. As part of this, attendees will have an opportunity to learn and exchange ideas with the wider Axway Community, on a cross-section of topics that are shaping the digital landscape.

Taking place over a six-week period, the Axway Imagine Summit will focus on critical issues most pertinent to businesses, all built around a programme focused on knowledge sharing and best practice, that are redefining what it means to fully experience the possibilities of digital transformation.

DOGFI.SH will be attending the London Axway Imagine Summit, which is happening on 18th May at the May Fair Hotel. As part of its presence, DOGFI.SH Mobile CEO, Ross Tuffee will also be participating in a panel discussion looking at disruptive mobile behaviours. In the new world of digital disruption and the demanding nature of the mobile consumer, organisations are readily needing to understand how best to build, maintain and inspire compelling user experiences, as well as identifying how best to optimise known behavioural models and habit forming technologies, within app development. 

The session will highlight why there is a need to understand the consumer psychology behind product engagement, including the triggers, actions, rewards, as well as the investment an individual makes within a product or service. Joining Tuffee in the discussion will be Ivan Markovic, Founder at Sculptlight, Lara Findlay, Director Operations, GearedApp, Andrzej Schmidt, Director Software Development, GearedApp and John Goodland, Solution Consultant, Axway.

Tuffee commented: “The proliferation of mobile devices means more and more organisations are keen to adopt a ‘mobile-first’ strategy, but often engagement fails to meet the desired expectations of the policy. The root cause is typically the apps themselves, which are cumbersome and unintuitive, and the net result is that they fail to deliver on their intended results.

“Organisations try to address this by attempting to make apps slicker, quicker and in their eyes, more user-friendly, but ultimately what they fail to acknowledge is the psychology behind why an app is engaging in the first place.

“Habit-forming technology has been widely used in the B2C space to increase user engagement, but the business community has been slower to adopt. By understanding the hooks which drive engagement it will allow us to develop more intuitive apps which keeps people coming back again and again. Our presence at the Axway Summit will provide a fantastic platform for us to engage with some of the brightest minds in and around this growing space, as well as providing us an opportunity to share our own experiences.”


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