AI and data analytics top game changing technologies

Industry News | 09.07.2019

AI and data analytics top game changing technologies

When it comes to business development, the latest technology trends are at the heart of it all. In recent years, the cloud has ruled as the most important technology to get on board with. But things are changing. Now, businesses should invest in AI and data analytics to gain a competitive edge.

Technology has a huge impact on business development. Whatever the industry or the size of the business, putting technology investment at the core of the business strategy is essential for survival and success. In recent years, businesses have focused a lot on cloud-based technologies.

Companies have often opted for cloud computing in things like data storage and HR software. As the informative article from TechJury shows, the application of the cloud and businesses’ cloud investment have exploded and the technology has become the heart of their business strategy.

But things are now changing. Technology develops and moves fast – businesses simply have to find a way to keep up. According to new research by Gartner,  governments and businesses are increasingly turning to AI and data analytics as the new important technology. 

So, why do AI and data analysis work so well together and how have they changed the game for businesses?

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Source: Tech Digest


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