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The HR Department

Company Background

Name:Ian Pilbeam                      
Position:Managing Director
Company:The HR Dept

Can you give us a little background on your company please?

The HR Dept provides employment law and human resources support and services to small & medium sized businesses.  We have offices across the country, each run by experienced HR professionals providing advice and support locally. The advice you receive is practical and pragmatic, giving you solutions you can implement, and peace of mind. We can help you in preventing people problems.  Our services cover everything to do with employing people and will help you prevent people problems or resolve problems when they do occur. The HR Dept is what is says on the tin, your HR Dept.

Tell us about a business challenge you have faced (new product designed/client challenge/etc)?

We solve client’s problems every hour of every day. What to the business owner can feel like an intractable, and often highly emotional, is to us something we are used to dealing with and able to find a way through. We have many books ready to write of the funny and strange things that happen, but of course they are all confidential!

What was your solution?

We apply our years of experience of people and organisations, knowledge of employment law, and often a healthy dose of common sense, and work with our clients to find the best solution to what can seem to be an intractable situation.

Tell us about the benefits of your solution to the initial problem?

Our clients love that we don’t spout the law, but find a way that works for them. And that we get to know them and their business so we can help them in the future as well.


Why did you join ScotlandIS?We are delighted to join ScotlandIS, to learning more about the member businesses, to solving problems through the initial free advice service we are offering, and to sharing all inclusive HR/H & S support services and training  to fellow members.


What have you gained from being a ScotlandIS member?
As a new member it’s great to get updates from ScotlandIS as we look forward to developing the relationship further moving forwards



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