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Aberdeen firm signs deal with spaceport for meteorological system

ANOTHER contract has been signed for the SaxaVord Spaceport – this time for a weather monitoring system.

Aberdeen-based Nevis Technology will provide a meteorological system featuring a range of equipment in one system which will allow the spaceport team to assess all aspects of the weather and surrounding atmosphere in the lead up to a rocket launch.

The hope is that this will increase the safety of launches.

By having a full picture of air pressure, temperature, wind speed, cloud coverage, lightning and storm detection, and overall visibility, it will also help them understand and map the trajectory of the rocket when it takes off.

Nevis Technology Operations director Kathleen Dawes said: “SaxaVord Spaceport was looking for a ‘full-service offering’, that could integrate all weather monitoring systems into one and we were able to come up with exactly what they wanted.

“Our technology allows each weather element to be detected and monitored independently, with all data reporting into one software system, meaning that it is easier to view and analyse the information.

“All the data gathered in Shetland can be accessed anywhere in the world using Nevis’ software. It also makes service and maintenance easier.”

Following an initial test phase in Aberdeen, the kit will be moved to the Lamba Ness site in Unst, with installation scheduled to take place in May or June.

The first rocket launch there is planned for later in the year.

To date, a total of £19 million has been invested in SaxaVord Spaceport, with a projected investment of £43 million being spent over the next 18 months developing the Lamba Ness complex, rising to £100 million in the next five years.

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