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AI in Edinburgh: 10 new-age UK startups ready to slay 2021

Undoubtedly, AI technology has the potential to transform industries and deliver positive impacts on a wide range of innovation areas such as cleantech, healthtech, fintech, legal tech, etc.

On similar lines, the University of Edinburgh has designed a new AI Accelerator Programme in partnership with the UK’s new community for scaling tech businesses. Dubbed as Scale Space — unlocks innovation in the AI companies that address the most pressing business issues faced on a global scale.

Entrepreneurs creating AI-powered robotic gloves, personalised medicine, through ‘x-ray vision’ software are some of the 15 trailblazing organisations selected in the program.

With that being said, we take a quick look at the 10 AI startups from Edinburgh who participated in the program along with other AI innovators from different countries in the world.

BioLiberty is a healthtech startup, which bridges the gap between hand weakness and independent living. The company has designed an AI-powered robotic glove that strengthens the user’s grip. As grip strength declines with age, the BioLiberty glove has the potential to restore independence for millions of people in the UK and all over the world. Particularly, it becomes relevant now as people live longer, are more isolated and lack support from friends, family and carers.

Data Innovation.AI Ltd has created WorksafeAI to mitigate COVID and other workplace transmissible infections. WorkSafeAI is an AI-driven bio-safety assessment tool. It is designed in order to reduce the opportunities for infection to spread among the occupants in a workplace and significantly improve their health and wellbeing along with the sustainability of the facility.

Lenz Labs has developed technology, which allows trains to grip the track better, thereby providing predictable traction control that will help trains run continuously irrespective of the time or weather. With this technology developed by Lenz Labs, the issues that can cause delay such as ‘leaves on the line’ will be a thing of the past.

MyWay Digital Health intends to transform chronic disease outcomes all over the world with data-driven and cost-effective digital solutions. It enables tailored self-management, decision support and delivery of personalised precision medicine at scale. MyWay Digital Health builds on a national, award-winning diabetes platform that is deployed across NHS Scotland, My Diabetes My Way.

Net AI is a network intelligence and advanced analytics spin-out company in the telecom sector. It revolutionises cloud-based virtual network management via real-time AI-driven analytics. The deep tech company’s cloud-native microscope solution helps telecom companies in generating significantly higher profit margins. This customizable software tool uses AI to provide real-time traffic insights that can drive the optimisation of virtualised mobile network resources.

Climate tech or energy tech startup Nomad Energy captures and uses data, AI and deep domain expertise to improve the energy, carbon and health performance of commercial and industrial buildings. With these technologies, Nomad Energy alters the approach to building energy management in an attempt to make buildings more healthy and prepare them for the transition to net-zero.

Optic Earth Limited builds software, which sees through solid rock, creating 3D images of what lies below the Earth’s surface. The company’s machine learning optimised technology processes robust images at 5x to 10x faster than conventional approaches. As a result, customers of Optic Earth develop more confidence and insight when exploring for energy, minerals and in renewable applications.

Climatetech startup Reath Technology Ltd enables businesses to transition to safe, data-driven reuse. The Reath technology combines affordable, ubiquitous machine-readable trackers such as QR codes with the Data Standard. This way, the company will be able to create safe, compliant and data-driven reuse systems.

Sharktower is a management software company based in Edinburgh. Its intelligent project delivery software helps spot problems before they occur, eliminates manual reporting and gives the business a clear view across all projects. Eventually, Sharktower increases the probability of successful outcomes. Manual reporting leads to a lot of waste on mismanaged change projects and overspending of up to 30%. Sharktower removes this waste with its software.

Space Intelligence is innovating in AI satellite data analytics in order to provide essential information to governments and large companies. This way, the climate tech company helps them implement and monitor nature-based solutions to tackle climate change.

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