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Annual Diversity & Inclusion survey 2020

An annual survey has been launched by the NCSC and KPMG looking at diversity and inclusion in the UK cyber workforce

The NCSC and KPMG are working together to launch an annual diversity and inclusion survey.

The survey will provide benchmark data to measure performance and inform a series of joint initiatives between the NCSC and industry to make the cyber security industry a more diverse and inclusive environment.

The cyber security industry plays a key role in keeping us safe by thwarting malicious acts and preventing fraudulent activity on a daily basis. Yet there is a perception that it is not a diverse sector which is not attracting talent from our rich communities in the UK. Today we do not have a baseline to either address or refute this perception. The NCSC and KPMG are committed to transforming the cyber security industry into an exemplar of best practice for Diversity and Inclusion. This is not only the right thing to do for those who have been excluded but also for our country. A more welcoming community opens itself up to further capable people and greater diversity leads to more innovation and better outcomes, helping to provide greater security for the UK.

As a first step, we need a better understanding of the diversity profile across the UK cyber security industry and to benchmark where the industry is today.

The survey itself will take at most ten minutes to complete and asks questions about you as a person and your role. Some of these questions may feel personal in nature, and so it’s important that you know that all responses are anonymous – we won’t be able to identify individuals from their responses. In order to truly understand the cyber landscape, it’s important that we can gather this data in an open and honest way. As this is a survey about the diversity of the UK cyber security industry, please only fill it in if you are based in the UK.

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