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Cisco Makes Ethical AI Pledge to the Vatican

In a move towards the ethical development and use of AI, tech giant Cisco Systems has joined  Microsoft and IBM in signing a Vatican-sponsored pledge.

The initiative aims to promote the responsible deployment of AI technology for the common good.

Chuck Robbins, the CEO of Cisco Systems, officially endorsed the document, dubbed the Rome Call, during a private meeting with Pope Francis, according to Vatican sources. The pledge underscores the importance of designing and regulating AI systems to uphold the dignity of all individuals without discrimination, emphasising principles such as transparency, inclusion, responsibility, impartiality, and security.

Originally introduced at a Vatican conference on February 28, 2020, the Rome Call was first signed by Brad Smith of Microsoft and John Kelly III of IBM. Since then, it has garnered support from various entities, including universities, U.N. agencies, private corporations, and non-governmental organisations.

Pope Francis has been a vocal advocate for ethical AI development, dedicating his annual peace message this year to the topic and calling for an international treaty to regulate AI usage. 

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, leading the Vatican’s AI initiative, expressed appreciation for Cisco’s involvement, citing the company’s expertise in AI infrastructure, security, and data protection.

While the rise of AI has captivated global attention, concerns regarding job displacement, privacy infringement, copyright issues, and potential ethical dilemmas surround AI’s impact on human life.

Cisco Systems’ commitment to the Vatican’s ethical AI pledge signals a collective effort among tech giants and religious institutions to address these pressing issues, fostering a future where AI serves humanity’s best interests while upholding fundamental ethical principles.

Source: DIGIT

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