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Cmd R ScotSoft 2020 – Glimpse into the Data Stream

This year’s Cmd R ScotSoft 2020 will bring together a whole host of global speakers covering a huge range of topics, from the leadership variety of business growth or building brand awareness, to the highly technical subjects of artificial intelligence or space tech.

To give you a glimpse into the calibre of speaker sessions planned for the day, we thought we’d highlight some of the speakers in our data stream, one of the key themes of the event.

Here’s a bit of a taster of the lineup we have in store for you on October 1st.

Mike Ferguson will be joining us as the MD of Intelligent Business Strategies Ltd to talk about building an enterprise data marketplace to shop for Data as a Service. With one of the highest priorities in organisations today being addressing the issue of untrusted data, many are looking to create a standard component based data curation process, to create trusted data assets and make them available as a service in an internal enterprise data marketplace so that it is easy to find, access, share and reuse across the enterprise. This session will dive deeper into creating an enterprise data marketplace and the challenges in managing and operating one.

Olivia Gambelin and Joseph Crispell will be leading a session on ethical and practical considerations of uncovering and handling bias in data. Olivia is co-founder and CEO of Ethical Intelligence, an ethics consultancy who help companies create ethical policies and frameworks to enable them to innovate with confidence, and Joseph is a data scientist in DFID/ONS data science campus. Their discussion will cover detecting underlying bias in data and dealing with gaps or quality issues to ensure your solution meets the ethical standards you want to uphold.

We have James McMinn, Senior ML Platform Engineer at Bellrock Technology Ltd, who will be talking on how to get more value from your data by deploying data science within your IT infrastructure. In his session, he will explore why 80% of data science projects fail to make it into production and how to overcome this.

CEO of Space Intelligence, Murray Collins, will be talking AI for Good; analysing big space data to tackle climate change. This session will describe how Space Intelligence has been working with stakeholders in Scottish land management to fill data gaps to better enable monitoring of Scotland’s natural wealth, and will address how attempts at land cover restoration could be a key component of a green bounceback from Covid -19.

Gavin Littlejohn will join us as Chairman of the Financial Data and Technology Association (FDATA) to talk about the technology challenges that are deriving from Open Banking, and to highlight the development of the GOFCoE project. GOFCoE (Global Open Finance Centre of Excellence) is working with financial services firms and fintechs to access previously untapped data that has arisen from Open Banking to undertake innovation and research into societal, economic and environmental issues.

Don’t forget to register and tune in on October 1st to access all of these insights and more.

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