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Designing a Digital Workplace

Laying the Foundations for Success

Our latest infographic explores the priorities of digitally minded organisations as they look to create a more innovative, flexible and tech driven workplace.

For organisations of all shapes and sizes, changes to the workplace are often seen as highly disruptive. Even something as trivial as repainting the walls of the office can present seemingly insurmountable challenges: No one can agree on a colour, let alone a suitable day to get the painting done and before you know it, the whole idea is quietly dropped.

However, despite the risk and potential disruption, embracing change and seeking out innovation is vital for organisations looking to thrive in a digital world. Crucially, successful workplace transformation relies on building an understanding of exactly what needs to change, why it’s important and how it will happen. This is why we’re working with partners like Ovum to compile the kind of data that’s invaluable to an organisation looking to build an intelligent, flexible and above all, digitally savvy workplace.

Here’s some basic stats from the infographic that shed real light on the challenges facing organisations right now:

  • 36% of organisations want to drive greater innovation through new workplace tools and connectivity
  • 31% feel their IT infrastructure is too complex to easily integrate these same technologies
  • 61% of those surveyed say reducing operating costs is a key challenge

We know that many organisations are already well aware of the need to create a more modern workplace using versatile networking solutions, enabling their teams to work remotely and make use of cutting edge productivity tools. However, it’s also apparent this goal is constantly in danger of being compromised by legacy IT infrastructure and concerns about increasing investment costs. In turn, this then limits the potential of organisations to develop a fully realised, successful workplace transformation.

Designing a flexible and adaptable digital workplace is undoubtedly a challenging process, but the rewards for success can be enormous. Find out more about the challenges and opportunities facing organisations as they begin their journey towards a digital workplace.

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