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Did you know that Scotland is a tech hotspot? Introducing Silicon Glen!

Scotland – a land famous for its kilts, shortbread and bagpipes (and Outlander!) might not seem an obvious place for one of Europe’s most thriving tech scenes. Yet, thanks to its size, heritage of innovation, supportive government, highly skilled workforce and academic focus in data, gaming, cyber and Artificial Intelligence, Scotland has become known as one of the strongest digital hot spots in the world.

Silicon Glen & major hardware companies

Scotland’s digital know-how dates back to the post-war years and the development of what was then known as ‘Silicon Glen.’ The nation benefitted (and continues to do so) from considerable inward investment from major hardware companies, such as IBM. However, today, there is a proliferation of tech companies based in Scotland, combining the strengths of international and home-grown talent. This ecosystem has developed thanks to a close partnership between the private sector, government and leading universities.

One in five work in tech

The thriving tech sector, where as many as one in five work in the tech sector in the major cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, includes successful businesses originally grown in Scotland which have attracted international capital such as SkyscannerFanDuel and Leidos as well as major foreign direct investments. However, the sector and the Scottish Government are not complacent and are working closely to establish more robust mechanisms to develop and support new and growing tech start-ups.

12 Clusters of Tech for Scotland

Our recently released 12 Clusters of Tech for Scotland explores the nations rich tech ecosystem, identifies key players in the sector as well as tech trends to watch out for. The report demonstrates how Scotland’s diverse range of tech companies and its key clusters helps build resilience and a strong foundation for future economic growth. The report also highlights the sheer strength in depth that Scotland now enjoys, covering everything from cyber security through to mobility as a service and space technology.

As we look ahead to 2021, cyber is perhaps one of the most compelling sectors to watch. Scotland has an abundance of highly innovative cyber security companies, with more than 200 cyber security companies either headquartered, or with a presence here. Scotland’s cyber cluster is ideally placed, not only to drive the industry forward, but to assist and provide cyber support to any business across the globe requiring cutting-edge, robust cyber security services.

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