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Empowering a Community

Check out this blog from the Head of ScotlandIS Cyber, Beverly Bowles, as she discusses the purpose and aim for developing our IT Managed Services community and Cluster group.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and digital services, collaboration and best practice play crucial roles in driving innovation and ensuring sustainable growth. At ScotlandIS, the trade body and cluster management organisation for Scotland’s digital sector, we believe that fostering collaboration within the tech community is key to unlocking its full potential. 

Recognising that our IT Managed Service companies did not really have a place to call home, over the last few months ScotlandIS has been working hard on the development of an IT Managed Service Provider Cluster Group and Best Practice Charter. These have resulted from the commitment and collaboration from the ITMS community who have come together to shape its development. Through the valuable insights and expertise of ITMSP’s from across Scotland, together, we have created a collective force to drive the IT Managed Service sector to new heights and provide secure and trusted client services.

The IT Managed Service Provider Cluster Group emerged from our vision of bringing together industry experts, professionals and stakeholders to share knowledge, best practice and innovative ideas. We recognise that the collective intelligence of the community can create a thriving ecosystem that benefits everyone involved. 

As we embark on this exciting journey, we want to ensure that the ITMSP Cluster Group is not just an initiative developed for the community but by the community. We welcome your input and expertise to shape the group’s vision, objectives and charter. 

To get involved, we encourage you to participate in our events across the country and provide your input to help define the core standards and values that underpin the Best Practice Charter, ensuring it accurately represents the needs and aspirations of the IT Managed Service sector. 

You can provide feedback on the Charter so far by completing this two-minute survey.

The Best Practice Charter will provide a framework that establishes the standards that customers should expect of IT Managed Service providers across Scotland. It will empower businesses with the knowledge and tools to deliver exceptional services, maintain high levels of cyber resilience, and foster customer trust. Moreover, the Charter will serve as a badge of excellence, signifying commitment to best practice, elevating your reputation within the industry and with clients. 

We believe that together, we are stronger, more innovative, and better equipped to address the challenges of the digital landscape. We invite you to be an active participant in this transformative journey, helping us build a community-driven initiative that embodies the best of the IT Managed Services sector in Scotland.

For more information, please contact ScotlandIS Head of Cyber, Beverly Bowles.

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