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FarrPoint deliver interactive fibre broadband mapping tool for Nottinghamshire

Independent IT advisers FarrPoint have delivered a comprehensive interactive mapping tool for Nottinghamshire County Council.

The When and Where interactive map provides local residents and businesses with easy access to up to date and detailed information on Superfast Broadband availability right down to premise level across Nottinghamshire.

This easy access to a visual representation of service availability will help residents and businesses take advantage of the benefits of superfast broadband access.

It is the most detailed mapping tool of its kind, with other versions in the UK only providing broadband connectivity information at postcode level. 

Residents will have the option to register their details on the website in order to receive regular updates and reminders to take-up superfast services where they are available.

Councillor Kay Cutts, Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “The fact that Nottinghamshire has one of the most comprehensive superfast broadband networks in the country is a major selling point for the county when we are competing with other areas to attract new jobs and investment. According to independent estimates, the Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire programme (BBfN) will be worth £302m to the local economy over a 15-year period, representing a return £11 for every £1 of public and private investment made.

“We know that access to good quality broadband is rated by many residents and businesses to be as important as other utilities like gas, electricity and water – which is reflected in the high take-up of broadband services in the hundreds of communities where BBfN has provided access.  The launch of our When and Where interactive map now provides the public with easy access to the information they need 24/7.”

Dr Andrew Muir, CEO of FarrPoint, said: “We are dedicated to finding the best digital solutions for our clients, and worked closely as part of the NCC team to design and deliver a bespoke solution, tailored to meet their needs. The When and Where interactive mapping tool is now available for public access, and will help drive the uptake  of broadband networks for residents and local business.”

“The benefits of the tool goes further by providing the NCC team with the ability to respond quicker to queries with access to one central repository for all geographic data,  updated with the latest data as it  becomes available.”

FarrPoint now offers both public and private interactive maps for their clients with secure online access; so they can access  whenever, and wherever, they need to.  For more information on their interactive maps visit

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