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Getting to know you: David Ferguson, CEO, Nucleus Financial Group

Where did your passion for digital come from?

I’ve been a bit of a tech geek since I was 11 or 12 – I was into writing software on my ZX Spectrum and I guess never looked back. The Nucleus digital passion lies in using technology to help customers manage their lives better.

What’s your role and what does a typical day involve?

I’m founder and CEO of Nucleus and I’m not sure I have a typical day – and probably prefer it like that. In the course of a month I try to spend a decent chunk of time with our users, with our people right across the business, with my direct reports and kind of hanging around in our market and where it touches potentially relevant sectors.

Any new products, services, events coming up for your business?

Investment platforms have come quite a long way in improving transparency and operational aspects of running people’s money but there’s a long way to go yet, especially in more end-to-end automation and encouraging greater accountability in retail asset management.

If you could give one piece of advice to an emerging business/startup, what would it be?

Hire more great people earlier.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Seeing hungry people (usually young people) grow into the space we try to create for them.

If you were speaking to a classroom full of 3rd year high school students how would you pitch the industry as the best place to be?

Despite a chequered history, financial services has an enormous role in supporting our society and there is still so, so much work to be done to deliver a sector we can all be proud of. The whole fintech thing is enormously multi-dimensional and there are loads of entry (and exit) points where it’s possible to make a tangible difference.

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