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How can we become a truly Digital Nation?

We have seen massive challenges across the private, third and public sectors over the last few months as COVID has impacted all areas of our lives.

Many issues have been brought to the fore – digital inclusion became more important than ever, data ethics has made headlines with the advent of Government based tracking apps, citizens across Scotland have been helped due to the tie up between local authority, NHS and Scottish Government departments with shielding care packages and services, remote working has become the norm for many and digital schools are now common place.

Vin Cerf, ScotlandIS Board Advisor and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google said recently:

We are in a perfect storm of necessity, technology and mindset.

…Information and communications technologies have created a remarkable ability to connect, inform, work remotely and innovate. While these capabilities benefit the world in a wide range of ways, their benefits are not distributed equally.

…Building the connected world that we all rely on requires vision, tenacity, humility and unwavering optimism.”

We are asking you to think big. What is the art of the possible when it comes to digital not only underpinning, but transforming Scotland?

The ScotlandIS Challenge, launched in partnership with The Scottish Government, asks companies to submit ideas that will help increase the pace of Scotland’s digital progress and develop the critical national digital and data infrastructure the country needs.

We know connectivity, access and digital education for all citizens across Scotland is a must, but what else?

What solutions and innovations can start us on the journey to becoming a truly Digital Nation?

The current crisis has changed the way in which we work.  As we have seen in other sectors, it has required many government organisations to re-imagine how their services can be delivered online at scale and for the public sector to work in ways that cross traditional organisational boundaries

Help us increase the pace of progress by putting forward challenging and innovative ideas and solutions for how we develop the critical national digital and data infrastructure that Scotland needs.

Answer the call and start building our Digital Nation.

Or think of it this way; if you could pick one thing that digital can help transform or enable across Scotland, what would that be?  Got it?  Write it down. Now send it to

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