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How We Helped Eventace Create an Easy-To-Use Web & Mobile App

We had the exciting opportunity to work with Eventace after their founder, Del Cotton, reached out to us in January this year. Eventace needed someone to handle the web app development for their brand-new venture.

Translating Complex Ideas Into a Workable Platform

The reality is that event organisers are usually overwhelmed when picking event suppliers. Eventace wanted their platform to be easy to navigate and give organisers a clear view of their options before committing to payment. The main objective was to allow organisers to connect with suppliers, and equip them with a clear picture of their options to enable them to make an informed choice.

We wanted to build a web app that allows suppliers to apply for jobs using credits and then allowing the event organisers to contact them via listings. We designed the mobile app to complement the web app, helping users browse through listings and resources, and start conversations.

After an initial period of email interaction, we organised a face-to-face meeting where the GearedApp and Evantace teams spent a few hours discussing ideas. When we had an idea of what Eventace wanted with their new platform, we built a mockup of the app to show them.

For this project, we used Next.js framework for the front end of the web app. We’re using a  server-side rendering which helps with speed and SEO. We also created custom REST APIs to communicate with Firebase services (Authentication, Firestore, etc.). When building the mobile app, we used one of our favourite frameworks, React Native.

Beating The Odds with Agile Methodology

Using agile methodology allows us to respond to any situation as it arises, which became invaluable in recent months. When COVID-19 hit, the entire event industry was stunned. After taking time to reflect, Eventace decided to continue with our project to give them an advantage when the industry comes back to life.

By switching to virtual meetings, using Jira boards for sprint planning, and staying in touch via email and Slack, we could continue the process without any glitches. This way, Eventace could access our whole team or individual developers to ask questions or resolve any issues. Our agile approach allowed our team to adjust to the new climate and continue to deliver the work on time while keeping Eventace informed.

Interestingly, Eventace is so impressed by our agile methodology and sprint approach that they plan to implement the same methods in all their operations. As the old saying goes: ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’, and we are very flattered.

Complete Transparency to Build Trust

We value trust and transparency and want our clients to feel as involved in our development processes from start to end as they want. The most important element at every stage of the project is communication.

Eventace wanted full transparency of the development, so our team created simple WordPress versions of every new feature so they could stay in the loop. Our coding platforms are complicated to an untrained eye, so WordPress allowed Eventace to evaluate the work so far and make any necessary changes.

By allowing Eventace full access to the process, we established a sense of trust that ultimately fuelled the success of the project. As Del Cotton, Founder of Eventace, comments:

“I had no idea how they were going to get such a complex thought down on paper. I also didn’t fathom how they were going to translate those ideas into something I could actually see, but they did. It’s incredibly impressive. They listen, which is really refreshing, they’re patient, and they have a very agile approach and can adapt to any situation.

I wanted to be fully involved in the process, so GearedApp gave me 100% access to everything they do with our project. I’ve been present at every meeting, and they’ve allowed me to see the whole machine working from the inside. And they don’t look down their noses if you don’t understand what they mean; instead, they adapt to make sure you understand.”

A Successful Partnership & a 5-Star Review From Eventace

This project allowed us to utilise our ability to create a fully comprehensive web and mobile app. Eventace was quick and efficient when responding to feedback and trusted our expertise.

Although the web app development is ongoing, with a few remaining tweaks and tests to complete before launch, we see encouraging progress. And we are thrilled that Eventace has expressed their satisfaction in a five-star Clutch review.

Del Cotton also adds that “GearedApp is the best company I’ve worked with by far, and I see a long-term relationship with them. If it comes to the time that we need to bring in our own engineers, I know that GearedApp will help us find the right people. But they’ll need to tell me to go and get my own developers before I do so.”

We are delighted that Eventace is as happy with our collaboration as we are, and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.

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