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IoT cyber challenge: IoT Secure

IoT Secure is a business support programme designed to help boost Scotland’s adoption of IoT technologies.

IoT Secure offers 1-2-1 support to SMEs to help companies design, develop, or manufacture cyber-secure IoT products or services. Advice is also available to non-technology organisations and companies interested in adopting IoT in the workplace.

This programme is part of a Scottish Government supported initiative to accelerate Scotland’s IoT capabilities.

The programme is open to:

  • Companies creating IoT products or services for any market
  • Non-technology companies or organisation of any size interested in using IoT devices to improve processes or procedures in the workplace

Due to the way this programme is funded, only companies with an operational presence in Scotland, e.g., headquarters, manufacturing facilities or R&D centres are eligible to receive support. CENSIS encourages start-ups and other early-stage companies to apply.

Companies and organisations of any size and type may benefit.

Available to companies of any size, scale and type, CENSIS offers cyber security ‘surgeries’ with 1-2-1 consultations from its business development team. What’s on offer will depend on the scope and type of the challenge, but might include:

  • Discussion of best practice in IoT product design
  • Existing or emerging IoT cyber security legislation in local and export markets
  • Review of plans for new or improved products or services, including suggestions from CENSIS for adaptations or improvements
  • Discussion of the development and adoption of new secure-by-design and manufacturing processes available and technologies or products on the market to support IoT-based systems
  • Signposting to additional support including R&D grants, specialist technical or business support, test and certification schemes and research organisations to undertake collaborative R&D

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