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IWD 2018 – Heather Martin

Marketing, ScotlandIS the trade body for the tech sector in Scotland

Why do you love working in tech?

The rate of innovation. I mean how can you not love an industry that can mobilise your fridge, toaster and kettle into a small army? It’s just incredible. Some of the stuff our members get up to just boggles the mind; hearing about thwarted cyber attacks, how data can be used to model changes and save companies millions, robots that can give medicine prompts, the list is huge and varied…just like the sector!

What makes you excited in our industry

What doesn’t? Machine learning/AI/Robotics, medtech, how rapidly challenges are overcome, hackathons for social betterment, smart transport/MaaS, to name but a few things.

Where do you see the next big things

AI and intelligent things, blockchain and the immersive experience are all really coming to the fore.  They’re becoming much more normalised now and are being used by early adopters in daily life at the moment.

What makes the industry a good place for women

Every industry is good for women. Tech is no different.

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