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University of Strathclyde Inspire accelerator participant, NatQuest, has announced the launch of its dynamic one-stop-shop for procurement and supply chain expertise in March 2024.

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, the ability to procure and manage supply chains efficiently is paramount to success. This lies in firms’ ability to tap into the right expertise for the right reasons. Procurement and supply chain management are critical functions for businesses across industries, from manufacturing to technology and energy. Yet, sourcing skilled professionals in these fields can be challenging, particularly for smaller and mid-size businesses with limited resources.

However, traditional consulting models often fall short in meeting the evolving needs of businesses, especially SMEs, due to their exorbitant costs and lack of flexibility. The model of traditional consulting firms often imposes long-term contracts and hefty fees, making it difficult for SMEs to access the expertise they need when they need it. NatQuest recognizes these challenges and is committed to providing a solution that is both accessible, cost effective and agile.

NatQuest’s SCM Genius Network offers a revolutionary approach to accessing procurement and supply chain expertise. By providing a digital platform that connects businesses with a network of vetted professionals on a project and outcome-basis. NatQuest is democratizing access to specialised talent. Through the platform, businesses can find experts in procurement, logistics, and supply chain management to address their specific needs, whether it’s category expertise, complex IT procurement transcation, mapping supply chain, optimizing sourcing strategies, improving inventory management, or streamlining distribution channels among others.

Founded from the Strathclyde Inspire Hub and by its alumni, NatQuest aims to transform the procurement and supply chain expertise industry with its innovative platform. The team is led by an industry leader with over a decade of combined experience in procurement, supply chain management, and technology. Dr. Salisu Uba, FCIPS, an esteemed leader in the field, he brings his deep understanding of industry trends and best practices. Mohammed Jega, an accomplished tech leader, contributes his expertise in business and strategy development and innovation. Abraham Onojah, a seasoned software engineer, ensures the platform’s technical excellence.

Salisu states, “We are living in a dynamic business environment, and access to procurement expertise is more critical than ever. NatQuest is committed to breaking down barriers and empowering businesses to succeed.”

Jega, excited by what NatQuest has built, adds, “Our platform is not just about connecting businesses with experts; it’s about creating a community of collaboration and innovation to transform how business leverage on skilled based experts for effective outcome. Together, we can drive real change in the procurement and supply chain industry.”

Finally, Abraham, the CTO, who brings his wealth of experience supporting the famous recruitment platform, Indeed, states, “Technology has the power to transform traditional industries, and procurement is no exception. With SCM Genius Network, we’re leveraging cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way businesses access procurement services.”

NatQuest’s impact extends beyond its platform. The business actively seeks collaboration opportunities with business associations, professional bodies in supply chain, government bodies, and academic institutions to drive innovation and promote best practices in procurement and supply chain management.

NatQuest and its founders were fortunate to receive the UK Government’s endorsement through Tech Nation under the Exceptional Talent in digital technology programme based on their record of leadership in innovation, digital technology and entrepreneurship. Strathclyde’s Inspire Hub, Techscaler, CodeBase, and Data Lab have all supported them on this journey through access to information, guides and resources. This allows NatQuest to leverage valuable resources and expertise to further its mission of transforming the way businesses access procurement and supply chain services. In addition NatQuest was recently backed by the Digital Cooperation Orgnization based in Riyadh to participate and exbibit at Leap 2024 and join its startup ecosystem.

As NatQuest continues to gain traction in the market, its vision for the future is clear: to empower businesses of all sizes with the procurement and supply chain expertise they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment.

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