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Polydigi Tech partners with IDESIGNLAB to protect the digital education industry against risk of data breach

Polydigi Tech (Polydigi) has announced its partnership with the GEP’s South Korean cohort, IDESIGN LAB,
which is a leading Edtech start-up providing Korean language training and various education services
and aims to expand in the United Kingdom.

IDESIGN LAB’s enabling digital education content to help users to master the Korean language
quickly and efficiently alongside a proprietary digital platform that tests and score learners’
proficiency. IDESIGN LAB has developed their own mobile application called FunPik. This
gives users access to these quality education services, motivating them through a gamified
learning process and reinforcing their learning with level-appropriate practice questions suggested
by AI. Users are then well-prepared for the Korean proficiency test (TOPIK). FunPik was launched in
August 2021 and already has more than 300,000 users in 170 countries around the world.

Polydigi Tech will provide its latest borderless mobile multi-factor authentication solution, the s-Factr™
and the SOA™ for IDESIGN LAB to verify, authenticate, and protect their existing users and its rapidly
expanding new customers global customer base against potential cyber-threats and identity abuse.

IDESIGN LAB’s APP will be protected by Polydigi Tech’s solution which uses various Instant Messaging
and SMS/MMS channels to authenticate users and data protection. The launch of the next version of
FunPik app is expected in Q4 2022.

“We are thrilled to be working with the EdTech leader, IDESIGN LAB, in South Korea for these exciting
new APP FunPik. This makes two firsts for us; our first presence in South Korea and the first use of our
technology not only for BFSI; but also for the EdTech industry. Our partnership shows great synergy for
both companies to gain mutual benefits under this unique GEP system,” said Curtis Chan, the cofounder and the CEO of Polydigi Tech.

“We are delighted and very honoured to be part of this collaboration, to deliver a complete security
solution to protect our customers’ valuable data and identity. In addition, this will help us to prepare
well for the upcoming UK and EU markets with the help of DIT. The new augmented version of our
FunPik App will be the enabler to further expand our vision on education business according to our
strategic plan,” said William Kim, the founder and CEO of IDESIGN LAB.

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