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Membership Update: ScotlandIS COVID-19 Plan

In response to the ongoing concerns surrounding COVID-19, ScotlandIS have implemented an action plan. The health and wellbeing of all our team, stakeholders, members and communities are of the highest importance to us and we continue to follow guidance and advice from the Scottish and UK Governments, the NHS and the World Health Organisation.

We will:

  • Ensure we communicate clearly with all our team, stakeholders and members
  • Promote good hand hygiene and ensure appropriate cleansers are available
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched objects and surfaces such as telephones, keyboards, door handles, desks and tables.
  • Introduce a policy to allow employees to work remotely if required

With immediate effect, all visitors to ScotlandIS, or team members at external meetings, will be asked to confirm:

  • That they are not experiencing flu-like symptoms – cough, fever, shortness of breath
  • That they have not travelled to any Category 1 or Category 2 areas within the last 14 days or had close contact with anyone who has
  • That they have not met anyone who has tested positive for the virus

ScotlandIS Covid19 Plan

Level 1: No or minor disruption to ScotlandIS services. Aware of, and assessing the situation. Business as usual.

  • Regular communication to all staff, customers and suppliers.
  • Precautionary measures, including visitor assessment, good hand hygiene, and display of prominent information
  • Team members can work from home
  • Events rescheduled
  • Ongoing monitoring

Level 2: Increased disruption, maintaining business continuity. 

  • Regular communication to all staff, customers and suppliers
  • Remote working enabled for all ScotlandIS team
  • External meetings at each team members discretion
  • Events rescheduled
  • Ongoing monitoring

Should you require any additional information or have any questions at all please contact our COO Karen Meechan

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