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ScotlandIS Members Grove

We are pleased to announce that ScotlandIS are introducing a new ‘rewilding’ initiative, linked to our current membership and any new members that join our organisation from now on.

What is rewilding?

Rewilding activities are conservation efforts, aimed at restoring natural processes and wilderness. We know that trees are the most natural vehicles for consuming carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and that mass deforestation has contributed to the increasing climate crisis. Studies have found that trees may be the best way to stabilise our climate, with the Scottish Government planning to increase woodland cover in Scotland from around 18% to 21% by 2032.

Our pledge

In order to play our part in reducing Scotland’s carbon footprint, and to kick off some of our members’ climate journey, ScotlandIS are pledging to plant a tree for each member company. The trees will be planted in the ScotlandIS Members Grove in the Scottish Highlands.

Every year that our members renew, we will plant another tree to represent them. For example, if we had 20 members and five new members joined in Year 1, we would plant 25 trees. If all members renewed in Year 2 and another five joined, then in Year 2 we would plant another 30 trees, and so on.

We are pleased to be doing our bit for the climate, and for our members to know they are contributing to Scotland’s net zero journey.

You can visit our ScotlandIS Members Grove and see how many trees are planted here.

If you want to know more of the facts on the climate crisis and tangible solutions that businesses can implement, ScotlandIS members can get a 10% discount on the Climate Solutions Accelerator – a 90 minute course that gives a simple download of everything managers need to know about climate solutions.

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