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Scottish cyber security start-up launches

A new Scottish cyber security start-up, and ScotlandIS Cyber Showcase participant, has now formally launched.

Perth-based HighGround operates a user-centric security platform, developed based on the specific needs of business IT teams to help them understand their cyber risk profile, meet compliance requirements and build out incident response.

“Having worked in IT and cyber security for over 15 years, I understand first hand all the challenges these teams face every day,“ said Mark Lamb, founder and chief executive of HighGround.

“They simply don’t have the resources or know-how, time or budgets to secure their businesses effectively, and this often leads to devastating breaches which not only affect IT managers personally, but also the solvency of the organisation.

“Our platform offers a supportive and much needed helping hand to IT teams and organisations, without adding to workloads or increasing alert fatigue.

“Instead, it supports teams, giving them the data and tools they need to do their jobs and keep their organisations secure, while alleviating workloads and reducing stress and personal burnout.”

Lamb is the chief technology officer of Perth-based IT services provider M3 Networks, with the platform being based on his experience working with clients.

The product sits above digital assets and cyber security tools, offering organisations with a CyberScore, to assess how secure they are. It also has role-based profiles and reports where cyber data is presented focusing on the metrics that matter to managers.

The platform provides users with compliance mandates, incident response plans, the ability to vet the security of supply chain partners, as well as a marketplace where organisations can purchase additional security services.

For more information, contact or visit the website: Home – HighGround.

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