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Scouts badged for digital transformation

A digital social enterprise is partnering with The Scout Association to deliver a modernisation programme, which will see updates to its website and the creation of an online programming tool, for the movement’s 160,000 volunteers to deliver consistent weekly activities for children.

Reason Digital will work to deliver this project and has seen its contract extended after working with the Scouts for a year on the association’s new website. Seven members of Reason have joined the in-house digital team at The Scout Association’s headquarters at Gilwell Park, Chingford, for the last six months to embed the digital transformation programme.

Matt Haworth, Co-Founder of Reason Digital, said:

“We’re spearheading a digital transformation project which will revolutionise The Scout Association and support the movement to recruit diverse and experienced leaders. We’ve also been creating an online one-stop-shop for leaders, where they can access educational and fun materials for weekly sessions, wherever they’re based. We’re proud to work with a charity that aligns with our ethos and embraces positive change.”

Livia Carron, Programme Design Executive at Scouts, said:

“We’ve grown so much in recent years that there are currently 60,000 young people on our waiting lists. For them to join, we need more adult volunteers, and we know one of the barriers to volunteering with us is the perception that it takes too much time. We believe that the new, easy to use tool makes it easier for new and existing volunteers to plan a programme – without needing hours of time. It’s a real game changer.”

Scouts has released over 500 free activities, accessible to all, as part of its new innovative digital planning tool. The activities which are designed to support the structure of the Beaver Scouts (aged 6 – 8) and Cub Scouts’ (aged 8 – 10½) programme of activities will also provide vital life skills. Each activity outlines all the elements needed for delivery including equipment, time, cost, who it’s suitable for, how it can be adapted, learnings, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor session and safety guidance.

The digital planning tool is designed to help Scout volunteers compile activities that last an hour or can become a year-long programme. It’s also possible for parents and teachers to download ready-made activity programmes.

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