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Skyscanner launches real-time data tool to help airlines, airports and DMOS navigate unparalleled global market dynamics

Leading global travel marketplace Skyscanner has launched Travel Insight Vision, a highly visual business intelligence tool which analyses traveller behaviour by capturing flight search and intent data, for route development, route optimisation and travel trend analysis.  

With analysing travel demand now more important than ever, the Saas platform features a new dedicated COVID-19 impact module, showcasing the changes and impact on flight demand in correlation with events linked to Covid-19, such as government restrictions, introduction and lifting of quarantine policies and opening and closing of borders. The module looks at market and route trends, up to 12 months ahead, and provides insights into traveller mindset and willingness to travel in the near future, broken down by market. Airlines can decipher the best strategies to return routes to market, adjust inventory algorithms accordingly and navigate their way towards recovery from COVID-19 impact.

Michael Docherty, Commercial Lead for Data Products at Skyscanner commented; “The way the aviation sector worked before simply won’t work anymore; pricing strategies can no longer rely on the booking curves of last year, capacity decisions are being driven by open borders and quarantine restrictions, and travel demand is changing every day. Our sector is facing unparalleled dynamics. It has never been more essential to have insights from real-time data to respond quickly to potential business opportunities and mitigate risks. Every day we are unveiling new trends within the travel landscape; from a massive rise in demand for domestic travel to a growing popularity of shorter booking windows as travellers wait until the last minute to book their trips. We want to empower our partners to truly understand this new world of travel and sharpen their vision of the future.” 

As well as the dedicated COVID-19 impact module, the new SaaS offering features a Performance module, which provides competition analysis for airlines and airports, looking at evolution and competitiveness. Travel Insight Vision will allow airlines and airports to analyse the competitor landscape in relevant markets and on specific routes, as well as monitor price evolution. 

Benefits of Travel Insight Vision: 

  • Access to unrivalled travel demand data 
  • Understanding of what travellers are looking for, and when 
  • Access to travel supply and competitiveness insights to capture market share 
  • Data to help partners increase ROI and compete in Skyscanner marketplace effectively 
  • Traveller sentiment data week over week and propensity to travel domestically and internationally 
  • Comprehensive coverage of LCCs and FSCs and OTAs 
  • Ability to forecast with forward looking data 
  • Highly visual, interactive interface for detailed data analysis 

Travel Insight Vision is the latest offering in Skyscanner’s suite of Travel Insight products for the travel industry, providing a comprehensive view of current aviation market performance, trends and insights. These products help leading airlines plan routes and optimise revenue management, airports find new opportunities such as catchment areas, and tourist boards and destination marketers better understand traveller demand.  Travel Insight analyses the behaviour of millions of Skyscanner users to reveal where people are looking to travel in the next 12 months, allowing airlines and other businesses to rapidly respond to market changes, understand emerging trends and optimise or plan new routes.

Source: TravelDailyNews

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