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Digital is Critical – an update from Jane Morrison-Ross, CEO, ScotlandIS

Two things have amazed me over the last week. One is what an amazing industry and group of companies we have here in Scotland. The level of offers, support, collaboration and innovation has been incredible – you are an amazing bunch.The second has been the sheer energy, determination and creativity of the ScotlandIS team – the level of work they have done in the last week is phenomenal.

The Scottish Government has been really clear that ‘digital is critical’ – not just to keep services running but to tackle social isolation, enable new digital businesses to keep trading going, and to ensure our children can access all the education resources online.  

In the last week we’ve been working with the Scottish Government on ‘No one left behind’ and how we rapidly accelerate Digital inclusion across Scotland to make sure that critical services can be delivered digitally. We asked and industry responded – and now we have the business hub, where companies can find support and offers of products, services and more – free. 

We’ve listened to what members are asking for and we’ve launched the new webinar programme, and information resources.

I’ve joined the Board of the UK Tech Cluster Group and we are working with them to collaborate and amplify the voice of our industry to the UK government,  we also working  with the Department of Digital, Culture and Sport to ensure that Scotland’s technology industry voice is part of the discussions plans.

Digital is Critical. 

ScotlandIS will continue with the activity we have already put in place. We will:

  • Carry out regular surveys across industry to make sure we understand what members and the industry need and want
  • Continue to work with the Scottish Government on digital inclusion both for communities and businesses to make sure no one is left behind
  • Continue with our webinar and virtual event programme
  • Update and refresh our Business Hub so any organisation can access the offers of help and support
  • Continually update our COVID19 information and sources of help and support to help us through this situation
  • Bring you calls to action from Scottish and UK government and opportunities to respond to solution development and funding
  • Collaboration is critical and we will continue to work with partners like Fintech, Technology Scotland and The Data Lab to find constructive and innovative ways forward
  • We will be in regular communication, we have set up virtual office drop in sessions, we are here to provide support and are happy to talk
  • We will continue to liaise with, and represent our industry needs and offers to both the Scottish and UK governments.

We are listening and the industry is being heard. 

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