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Upskill in Cyber

Upskill in Cyber is a fully funded training programme from HM Government with SANS aimed at encouraging new talent into the cyber security sector by providing the necessary experience and training to embark on a successful security career.

Upskill in Cyber students are undertaking this course to reskill into the cyber security industry. These students will not hold cyber security related qualifications, nor will they have experience of working in cyber security at the point of entry. Some students may be IT/tech hobbyists or have backgrounds working in IT. The students will have all completed a competitive selection process; including a good performance on the CyberTalent Enhanced Assessment, demonstrating an aptitude for cybersecurity.

Potential employers are encouraged to engage in the programme as early on as possible and to discuss their specific requirements with SANS. On request, employers are able to view the students’ CVs and Aptitude results.

Opportunities for employers to engage in Upskill in Cyber include:

  • Mentorship
  • Attend a Virtual Careers Fair and provide interviews to students 
  • Share open job vacancies with student cohort
  • Support the delivery of Soft Skills sessions (including technical / non-technical presentations and Industry Panels) 
  • Sponsorship Opportunities

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