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COVID19 update – Furlough scheme extended

As you may know, the Prime Minister has announced the extension of the furlough scheme until 2nd December in light of the decision to implement a further lockdown in England. Even though this lockdown is for England, furlough has been extended in Scotland as well and the start of the job support scheme has been delayed until after the end of the extended furlough scheme.

For those that entered into the Job Support Scheme, you will now ask to be furloughed instead. This has the advantage of ensuring that you receive a higher percentage of capped pay than was available under the Job Support Scheme.  

If you were already on furlough at the time the furlough scheme extension was announced, you can remain under the same furlough arrangements.

For employees who agree to continue on these furlough arrangements, this will enable employers to keep you on the payroll while they still have reduced work. 

The following furlough extension conditions (as in the initial Furlough Scheme) have been outlined:

IF FLEXI FURLOUGH you will work on a part-time basis. For the remainder of your usual working hours each week, you will be on furlough under the extended coronavirus job retention scheme (CJRS). You must record all your hours spent working, and must not work any additional hours over and above those set out.

IF FULL FURLOUGH you will initially be placed on furlough for all of your usual working hours, if the business needs so require, and you must not undertake work on behalf of your employer.

In respect of the time spent on furlough, you will be paid 80% of your usual gross wages (calculated as required under the CJRS), up to a monthly cap of £2,500.

You will continue to pay tax and employee National Insurance contributions on all pay that you receive.

This furlough scheme extension will be for a temporary period only, but we do not currently know how long it will last. It is currently anticipated that the furlough arrangements will initially last for approximately one month, but this could be extended. 

You will therefore be required to return to your usual working arrangements unless altered by any further Government decisions at the end of the furlough arrangements or earlier upon request. 

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