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Digital Security by Design Technology Access Programme

This programme is looking for tech companies of all sizes to trial and experiment with Arm’s Morello SoC and demonstrator board based on CHERI, a new instruction set architecture developed by the University of Cambridge.

Programme benefits

For six months participating companies will have access to an Arm Morello Board, with its cutting-edge CPU architecture, technical guides and support, to trial these new technologies within their systems.

Through the Digital Security by Design Technology Access Programme, UK-based companies can use these technologies to uncover security vulnerabilities in their own systems before they become a problem, and provide findings that could influence the design of future computer systems.

These technologies, which can eliminate most memory safety issues in C and C++, include CHERI, a new architecture developed by the University of Cambridge along with the Morello Board, a real-world test platform developed by Arm for the Morello prototype architecture based on the CHERI protection model.

CHERI technology can be applied to legacy C or C++ with minimal changes to an existing code base.

The Technology Access Programme will give qualifying companies access to Arm’s Morello technology free of charge as well as £15,000 in funding.

Find out more and apply here by 31st March.

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