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Eureka Solutions

Company Background

Name: David Lindores

Position: Technical Director

Company: Eureka Solutions

Can you give us a little background on your company please?

Founded in 1996 by Chairman Alistair Livingstone, Eureka Solutions is an award-winning provider of business systems with a focus on ensuring clients have the information they need to run their businesses more profitably. The increased requirement for mobility means we ensure you have the information not only when you need it but where you need it.

We provide market leading solutions including Sage, NetSuite and Qlikview that are tailored to meet the needs of your individual business.  Eureka Solutions structured on two core principles, customer service and technical expertise.

Tell us about a business challenge you have faced (new product designed/client challenge/etc)?

Our customer HCSS Education, a software solutions provider for the education sector, were using a combination of disparate systems to manage their customer relationships.  As their company grew, they found that their database was no longer capable of managing the complex requirements of their customer relationships or contracts, resulting in staff having to keep their own records using spreadsheets.   Pulling reports separately between their accounting system and CRM system was proving to be time consuming and difficult.

What was your solution?

Our team of multi-award winning solutions experts worked closely with HCSS Education to understand their business processes in order to deliver the best solution. We took the time to understand the problems HCSS Education were facing with their current systems and the business needs for their new system. Our team recognised that NetSuite’s unified business management solution would meet all HCSS Education’s needs. HCSS Education were confident in our ability to implement the correct solution for their business as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Tell us about the benefits of your solution to the initial problem?  

As a software solutions provider in the highly competitive education sector, HCSS Education have benefitted from the increased efficiency with excess manual processes being eliminated, reducing inaccuracy and saving time.  NetSuite has provided HCSS Education with universal view of their customers’ activity, helping them to deliver improved service, recognise buying patterns and identify new opportunities.   The seamless integration of NetSuite has allowed HCSS Education to obtain real time visibility into every aspect of their organisation.  HCSS Education can confidently use NetSuite knowing they have the highly skilled support team at Eureka Solutions at their disposal should they encounter any difficulties.

Do you have any client quotes you would like us to include?

“NetSuite provides us with a clear overview of the business, with anytime, anywhere and any device access to the system. We now have access to much richer information about our customers and prospects. It has completely changed the way we work.”  HCSS Education.

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