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Hiring intelligently to grow your business

This year’s ScotSoft Global Forum will focus on scalability and building a strong workforce is fundamental to achieving sustainable growth.

But in a market where skilled employees are in such high demand, how can businesses stand out from the crowd and attract the outstanding people to help them expand?

“People are the key ingredient for business success and you need to get your hiring process right if you want to attract the best individuals” says Gareth Biggerstaff, managing director of Be-IT Resourcing.

“We work with organisations of all sizes and we often find that the ones who struggle to attract the best talent are those that overcomplicate things. It’s an incredibly competitive market in Scotland but we still come across employers who approach hiring with a degree of arrogance.”

He believes that businesses need to shorten and simplify their recruitment processes, aiming for one or two stages instead of eight.

“While it’s important to do thorough due diligence and get a full picture of the candidate you don’t want to add so many hurdles that you deter good people who know they can find an alternative. Put yourself in their shoes – would you want to work for a business that appears to have so many layers of bureaucracy?

“More effective hiring comes from understanding and communicating exactly what you are looking for in your new employee. First, ensure the job description is clear and accurate to reduce the number of unsuitable candidates. Then split the person specification into essentials, desirables and advantageous to make it easier to judge applications.”

Once candidates get to the interview stage, he recommends marking them on three levels – synergy with the business, capability to do the job, and added value they bring to your business. “If it comes to a compromise, capability is best area on which to be flexible. You can’t change an employee’s personality but you can make sure they receive training to develop their technical skills.”

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