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ScotlandIS Salary Report 2016

As the trade association for Scotland’s digital technologies industry, ScotlandIS supports its members and the wider industry, to realise growth potential, develop new products and services, increase exports and thus create more wealth and high value jobs for the Scottish economy.

One of the main requirements for growth is the availability of staff with the right skills and experience. For a number of years, the demand for staff with digital technology skills has been high and often outstrips supply in the Scottish labour market.

This initial report seeks to provide a baseline for salary levels across a range of key job types, along with information on the non-financial benefits companies are offering. The aim is to help our members benchmark salary levels within their companies and improve the ability to attract new staff in an increasingly competitive market.

The information on salaries and non-financial benefits presented in this report is based on a survey of our members and the wider industry, supplemented by data provided by a number of leading recruitment companies which are members of ScotlandIS.

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