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How the tech sector can help – the presentation

From feedback the webinar on Tuesday 18th March was well received. As we mentioned at the time we will be doing more of these with details coming out later today showing our schedule for the next three weeks. Click on the image below to playback the webinar now.

Jane Morrison-Ross, CEO of ScotlandIS set the scene, giving an overview of the current situation as we know it. She detailed some of the initiatives and plans that ScotlandIS are already working on to grow the sector and to support the industry through the current situation

Callum Sinclair, Partner and Head of Technology & Commercial at Burness Paull and ScotlandIS Board member, gave an overview of the legal situation for companies right now – force majeure clauses, the legal risks of giving product for free, health and safety considerations and legal risks to employers.

Ian Pilbeam of HR Dept discussed the various company issues that may arise through increased home working, staff sickness and anxiety, and singposted you to some of the best resources out there – particularly useful for smaller companies without an in-house HR team.

Graeme Gordon, CEO of IFB and ex Chair of ScotlandIS gave top tips for remote working – as we know many in our sector already do, but not everyone has their whole team remote every day. What are the challenges, how can you mitigate them and how do you still keep your team happy, functioning and most importantly, productive.

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