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Prepare for Brexit

ScotlandIS has been working at both a Scottish and UK Government level to ensure that the voice of the industry is heard as Brexit negotiations take place and that appropriate guidance is available to the sector.

We encourage all our members to read as much relevant guidance and advice as possible in the run up to January 1st, in order to prepare for any changes that may impact you and your businesses.

Scottish Enterprise’s Prepare for Brexit site provides advice and support for Scottish companies on how their businesses and supply chains can adapt to the changing environment, and is continuously updated to reflect the latest information available.

Take a look also at the Brexit checklist of ten low-cost, low-risk actions that can be taken now, and the Brexit A-Z that is an easy to access guide to help businesses navigate the site.

We urge you to actively prepare for the changes in the EU transition period, so as to be in the best position possible come January 2021.

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