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ScotSoft2021 – Glimpse into the Data Stream

This year’s ScotSoft 2021 event will bring together a whole host of global speakers covering a huge range of topics, from the leadership variety of digital transformation or retaining talent, to the highly technical subjects of artificial intelligence or space tech.

To give you a glimpse into the calibre of speaker sessions planned for the day, we thought we’d highlight some of the speakers in our Data stream, one of the key themes of the event.

Here’s a bit of a taster of the lineup we have in store for you on October 7th.

Alex Bell will be joining us as Chief Engineer at BJSS to talk about an award-winning project for the NHS which gives a glimpse behind the scenes of the important role developers played in helping save lives during COVID; a collaborative effort between health professions, academics and engineers. Alex will go into detail as to how this came about, the challenges they overcame and demonstrate how important developers are to fighting the pandemic.

Kristine ‘Kris’ Howard will be leading a session on advances in AI/ML tooling that make it possible for anyone – not just data scientists – to create models that identify business risks, carry on conversations, drive cars, optimise vaccines, and even create art. As a Manager in the Developer Advocacy Team at AWS, Kris will give an overview of the state of AI/ML and some of its more creative applications, plus a deep-dive into a demo application she built: an attempt to teach a computer to reverse engineer knitting patterns, in her evolving quest to build the world’s first knitting replicator.

We have Mark Parsons, of the EPCC supercomputing centre at the University of Edinburgh, who will explore the world of Exascale supercomputing, why they’re important, what they will look like technically, and the sort of problems they can solve. He will look at the effect these costly and power-hungry devices are likely to have on all forms of computing from your laptop, to the Cloud and to the next national supercomputer which is likely to be hosted in Scotland.

Autonomous Systems Architect at Microsoft, Phil Harvey, will be discussing what Microsoft Bonsai is and how subject matter experts can use Machine Teaching to create useful industrial AI. He will cover the technology (Simulation based deep reinforcement learning) as well as some examples of where Bonsai has been used.

Don’t forget to register and tune in this Thursday (7th) to access all of these insights and more.

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