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SD-WAN Insider, episode 1: Five SD-WAN myths busted

Watch our resident SD-WAN experts debunk some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding this technology.

With over 70 SD-WAN vendors on the market, all saying and offering something slightly different, how can you possibly know which supplier is right for your organisation? Or if SD-WAN is even what you need in the first place?

In the first instalment our brand-new video series, SD-WAN Insider, we caught up with two people who can cut through the noise and help you answer these questions: James Booker and Stuart Clarke.

Between them they busted five of the most common SD-WAN myths we’ve been hearing:

  • Is the internet ok?
  • Is hybrid cloud essential for SD-WAN?
  • Is a stateful firewall good enough for SD-WAN?
  • Does ZTP solve all your site provisioning problems?
  • Is SD-WAN cheaper than MPLS?

Want to know the answers to these questions and more?

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