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The Power of Partnerships

Cyber Cluster Manager, Ciara, has shared her latest blog for November that looks at recent and upcoming collaborations with the cluster’s growing partnerships.

In Scotland, we pride ourselves as having a very engaged and supportive cyber community and from my many conversations and engagements with this community, I hear many great examples of companies supporting each other and working together to form stronger collaborations.

We are also seeing the strength of partnerships through the Cyber Scotland Partnership (CSP); 9 months since its launch, it has really helped bring together the wider network of cyber coordinators which support and work closely with Scottish Government. Although much of what has been done may be invisible to many, it has added real value and a connectedness between many projects and initiatives that didn’t exist before. ScotlandIS and the Cyber Cluster, ScotlandIS Cyber, are delighted to continue to be part of this and we are looking forward to the first CSP event on Nov 29th, where you can hear about the work of CSP and also the plans for Cyber Scotland Week. Of course, you can also keep up to date on much of this with the CSP newsletter.

Through UKC3 I am also witnessing real power in bringing the UK cyber clusters together to share knowledge, to learn from each other and to connect the wider cyber network. It has been great to be part of the journey of setting up and creating UKC3, and I am looking forward to seeing where both UKC3 and the individual clusters being supported by UKC3 can take this.

Back in Scotland, another partnership which is adding real value is the Scottish Clyster Ecosystem Alliance which is a gathering of cross-sector cluster leads covering fintech, gaming, space, and much more. Connecting these groups really helps to drive collaboration across all these sectors and ensure that we are complimenting the work that we all do. I am looking forward to meeting with this group again soon, hopefully in person this time.

Within the cyber community we have received great support for the Cyber Innovation Hub, and Plexal has now had consultations with a wide range of individuals and groups across industry, start-ups, academia and key stakeholders here in Scotland. More sessions are being planned and the engagement and insights being captured throughout will really make sure that we are creating an informed case with the right focus and outcomes being articulated as we continue to develop the proposition.

I am really enjoying working with Plexal on this and am hugely appreciative of the volume of people who have made time to speak with the Plexal team so far. We will keep you updated on progress!

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