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UK invests £13 million in groundbreaking healthcare AI projects

The UK is making strides in health analysis by earmarking £13 million to fund groundbreaking healthcare AI technology. These initiatives use the potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionise diagnostics and medical procedures.

Michelle Donelan, the Secretary of State for Science and Technology, has unveiled 22 innovative projects dedicated to harnessing AI’s power in health, including one at Heriot-Watt University.

These projects strive to revolutionise diagnostics and procedures, paving the way for more precise and efficient healthcare solutions.

Exploring the potential of healthcare AI for patients and researchers

Simultaneously, the UK has appointed two accomplished experts, Matt Clifford and Jonathan Black, to organise the world’s first major international summit focused on the secure implementation of AI.

This event aims to gather leading AI nations, companies, and experts to discuss safe AI utilisation.

The projects, distributed across various universities from Edinburgh to Surrey, receive support from the £250 million UKRI Technology Missions Fund. This fund, previously introduced in the Science and Technology Framework, propels AI innovation to expedite advancements in health research.

Among the pioneering projects is University College London’s (UCL) Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences, which secured over £500,000 in funding.

This project strives to enhance brain tumour surgery outcomes through a real-time AI-assisted decision support framework, minimising post-surgery complications and accelerating patient recovery.

Diverse AI applications both in and out of healthcare

The funding also extends to other projects, including those led by esteemed institutions such as the University of Sheffield, the University of Oxford, Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, and the University of Surrey.

These projects aim to improve chronic pain treatment, predict clinical risks, facilitate surgical training, and enhance mammogram analysis using artificial intelligence technology.

The UK’s vision for safe artificial intelligence innovation

Michelle Donelan, the Technology Secretary, emphasised the UK’s leadership in artificial intelligence diplomacy and innovation. The appointed experts’ roles laying the groundwork for secure and responsible artificial intelligence discussions highlight the nation’s commitment to becoming a global hub for safe innovation.

The forthcoming summit is poised to solidify the UK’s position in AI leadership, leading to improved healthcare and innovative solutions that address pressing health challenges.

The infusion of £13 million into 22 pioneering AI projects propels healthcare research into a new era.

As the UK takes proactive steps towards secure AI implementation, it solidifies its position as a haven for innovative advancements that have the potential to transform healthcare practices and outcomes.

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