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Video game set to disrupt education

Highland entrepreneur is revolutionising learning using gaming technology and artificial intelligence.

Launched today, Planet Pollinate is destined to change the way we learn.   The 3D video game uses cutting-edge technology to create classrooms of the future.

Anne, a former software engineer and Global IT Director for IBM and Hewlett-Packard, who lives and runs the tech business from Lochaber said; 

“I wanted to solve a problem that almost everyone I knew had.  Kids, students and workers have been stuck at home trying to learn using out of date materials that they can’t interact with.  People deserve more – education needs to be brought into the 21st century and why can’t it be fun?”

She continued “There are big problems with online learning.  80% of us who started a course online gave up because we were bored, distracted or frustrated with the content and the pace.  Shockingly only 5% of knowledge is retained and only one third of learners improve their performance”

The VR Hive is using video gaming technology and artificial intelligence to really shake up online learning.

Anne added “Clearly many others see this as a major problem, I am delighted to say that I’ve won several competitions recently.  Being chosen to be part of the AI Accelerator at the world-class Bayes Center in Edinburgh is a real boost and I have secured funding from Innovate UK, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Amazon.”

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