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Be-IT is eight years old

Unfurl the bunting. Stock up on jelly and ice cream. Hang the piñata and get that blindfold on. Because Be-IT is a whole year older.

Eight years ago, Gareth Biggerstaff opened the doors to Be-IT Resourcing, with the conservative goal of completely dominating the Scottish IT recruitment market. Today, we’re certainly well on our way, as the country’s biggest independent IT recruiter. It’s been a journey made against the backdrop of political earthquakes, economic instability and technological revolution. It’s been a funny old few years.

Three years back, we wrote a post about our fifth birthday, with a few predictions for the five years ahead. Funnily enough, we didn’t mention a global pandemic that would bring tragedy to millions of families, as well as turning the business landscape upside down and inside out.

We can take a lot of pride in how we’ve dealt with the last 18 months or so. We moved fast to a WFH model, while our people have been absolutely superb at rolling with the punches of furlough, job-market volatility and changing demands. Now, our world is in overdrive. We’re working hard to help all the employers getting back up to speed, and helping some exceptional IT and change professionals make a new start after a difficult couple of years.

Maybe it’s best we don’t make any predictions for the years ahead. We can confidently predict that we will aim for growth. Beyond that, let’s see what shape the world is in once we’ve definitively put covid-19 behind us.

Giving ourselves a planet-sized birthday present

To celebrate our eighth birthday, we’re making a pledge. While our growth is great for the business, it’s not much use if it comes at the planet’s expense. So we’re not just looking to become Scotland’s leading IT recruiter, but also its greenest.

As such, we’re delighted to announce that we are now carbon-neutral – having signed up to a carbon offsetting project which is planting trees here in Scotland.

We think it’s imperative that businesses play their part in fighting climate change. We are (usually) an office-based firm of around 25 people. We don’t manufacture things or travel much, but we do consume energy, electronics and other resources, so even a business like ours has a duty to make some changes.

And we’re not stopping here. We know that offsetting our carbon emissions isn’t a perfect solution, but it’s a great start. We’re determined to be a leader in IT recruitment, and that goes way beyond how many roles we fill, how many people join our team or how healthy our bottom line looks. We’re working to be a positive example for our industry (and others!) to follow.

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