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ScotlandIS forms new Scottish Cluster Ecosystem Alliance (SCEA)

Today was the inaugural meeting of the Scottish Cluster Ecosystem Alliance (SCEA), set up by ScotlandIS to bring together representatives from across the tech sector such as fintech, space, mobility, cyber, data and many more.

The aim of the SCEA is to connect cluster managers or other key sector representatives from across the tech sector to promote collaboration and knowledge exchange between these sectors. There are many great programmes and initiatives being supported and driven by these organisations and the sectors they represent; the SCEA will help ensure there is visibility across the many activities so that we can have a more joined-up approach and thereby deliver greater impact and outcomes across the tech sector.

Collectively, SCEA participants have a huge network of associated members and stakeholders, therefore there are also greater opportunities for sharing and cross-promoting activities and initiatives to our networks, to encourage increased engagement and participation from a wider section of the tech industry.

With lockdown continuing, SCEA can play an important role in ensuring that there is continued and increased collaboration across the areas represented by the SCEA participants, which will in turn help to drive economic recovery and growth.

ScotlandIS is a recognised Cluster Management organisation (CMO), having achieved Silver accreditation in cluster management excellence in 2020,  and is keen to bring together the other tech clusters in Scotland. The goal is to create a means of regularly sharing and collaborating, so that the activities of each group compliments and supports each other, reducing or avoiding any duplication where possible and ultimately driving enhanced impact and outcomes collectively. ScotlandIS currently manages a Cyber and a Data cluster.

At the first meeting, there were discussions around cluster strategy, membership and funding models, and best practise for clusters. There was also a chance for the group to share insights on their sectors and the key activities being planned. The next session will look to focus on the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) cluster led by Technology Scotland CEO, Ally McInroy, and will also have a more focussed discussion on cluster strategy.

There are representatives from the following areas involved in the group: Cyber, Data, Traveltech, Fintech, Space tech, 5G, Data centres/Hosting, Manufacturing, IoT, Photonics, MaaS, Digital Health, Regtech and Gaming.

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