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Pulsion Technology Launches Beta Programme for Requiment

Pulsion Technology today launched the Beta Programme for Requiment, a requirements gathering tool that allows users to streamline the requirements gathering process, save time and money and apply more discipline to software and digital projects.

The Requiment Beta Programme is open to any individuals or organisations who want to try the ground-breaking software before its official release to market. To sign up for the Beta Programme, please visit the website.

Requiment is a tool that helps improve requirements gathering for software projects. Requirements are the basis of any project, and the quality of those requirements has the power to make or break the project.

With Requiment, the requirements gathering process is simple and accurate, so users can ensure that they get their project requirements right first time.

The software guides users through pre-prepared questions to determine a full and detailed requirements specification and project scope that is based on outcomes.

Requiment also allows users to easily update requirements, keep work on track and ensure teams “stay on the same page”. Output reports can be generated that lay out all the information needed to jump into delivering projects, as well as wireframes.

Pulsion Technology has been creating software products for over 26 years and are experienced in partnering with clients to deliver innovative digital solutions for business growth.

John McGuire, the Founder and CEO of Pulsion Technology explained the idea behind Requiment: “Given the skills crisis and the thus widespread lack of experience within the software development industry, we recognised a market demand for effective requirements gathering software, as poorly defined requirements result in projects running late, wasted money and resources, a failure to meet expectations and usually a need to re-do a lot of work.

“This is why we decided to create software that improves the requirements gathering process, allowing users to determine a full and detailed requirement specification. We have found that agile development processes proceed better when some discipline has been applied to defining what is actually being delivered.”

McGuire added: “We were able to utilise our experience in both project management and software development to ensure Requiment distils this experience into a tool that can help inexperienced and experienced analysts and developers create a more complete definition of the system they are building more quickly and accurately than the traditional manual process.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of the Requiment Beta programme allowing us to gather direct feedback from users and allow us to implement any changes before we take the product to market.”

Pulsion Technology is inviting users to test out Requiment with real projects and offer feedback which will feed into the platform’s development roadmap ahead of the full launch.

Users who sign up for the Beta Programme will have full access to the software to trial on their projects.

For more information about Requiment, please visit

Source: DIGIT

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