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Abertay set to host Europe’s largest student cybersecurity conference

Securi-Tay will have the unique opportunity to listen to a wide range of speakers, from industry professionals to ethical hacking students, at Abertay University.

The Abertay Ethical Hacking Society is preparing to host Securi-Tay, Europe’s largest student-run information security conference, on the 28th of February at Abertay University.

Now in its ninth year, more than 350 attendees from around the world are expected to gather at the conference, which boasts a history of sold-out events.

With 20 talks spread across three simultaneous tracks, attendees at Securi-Tay will have the unique opportunity to listen to a wide range of speakers from cybersecurity professionals to ethical hacking students at Abertay University.

Speakers include renowned bug bounty hunters, Andy Gill and Sean Roesner; members of Team UK at ECSC, Sophia McCall and Cybersecurity challenge grandmaster Charlie Hosier; Beer Farmers, Sean Wright and Ian Thornton-Trump; current Abertay Ethical Hacking student Tia Cotton; and Abertay alumni Morven Mackellar, Harley Watson and Ash Wolf. Securi-Tay mainstay Graham Sutherland, who has spoken at the eight previous Securi-Tay conferences, will also be back.

In addition to talks, Securi-Tay will host a range of workshops. A Lockpicking Village will be set up for the start of the conference, allowing attendees to test their physical security and learn the ins and outs of lockpicking with Steve Wilson and others.

A spokesperson for the event said: “Securi-Tay would not be possible without the support of the cybersecurity community and companies there to support the conference. This year, Securi-Tay is proud to be sponsored by many different organisations, with the addition of a new sponsor engagement challenge, encouraging students attending to network with our fantastic supporters.”

Supporters include:

As a long time sponsor of Securi-Tay, cybersecurity consulting firm F-Secure is supporting the conference by sponsoring the widely popular After Party.

Platinum sponsor Synopsys is another long-term supporter of Securi-Tay. Synopsys is home to many Abertay University Graduates, and Synopsys employee Andrew Thompson will present the opening keynote.

AWS (Amazon Web Services)
Cloud provider AWS will also be attending Securi-Tay 2020 as a Platinum Sponsor. AWS employee Paco Hope will be returning to represent AWS as the closing keynote speaker.

Pen Test Partners
First time sponsors of the conference, Pen Test Partners, will be found around the exhibition space for all attendees and students to meet.

The Edinburgh-based company, Adarma, known as Scotland’s largest cybersecurity graduate employer, is also supporting the conference, most notably with their sponsorship of the swag bags given out to all attendees.

Immersive Labs
Immersive Labs, the world’s first fully interactive and on-demand cybersecurity training platform used by many students across the UK, are proud supporters of Securi-Tay.

Digital security and threat intelligence company, Cyjax, is another first-time sponsor and supporter at Securi-Tay.

For the full agenda, visit:

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