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BJSS to support NHSE Cohorting programme 

BJSS, which has a longstanding relationship with NHS Digital, and which, we estimate, derives about 25% of its UK revenues from the health sector, has won a significant new contract with NHS England (NHSE).

The company has secured a four-year call-off contract (with the option for a further one-year extension), running from March 2023 to March 2027, to support the NHSE Cohorting programme (previously known as the Risk Stratification programme). The initial four-year period is worth up to £25.6m, with a maximum contract value (including the 12-month extension) of £32m. The range of services covered by the contract include DevOps Services, Digital Definition Services, Build and Transition Services, End-to-End Development Services, and Data Management Services.

The NHSE Cohorting Programme has created tools which will help clinicians and the public to understand an individuals’ risk of Covid-19 as well as deploying recently approved therapeutic treatments. Using functionality and infrastructure developed for Covid-19, the Cohorting delivery team are also continuing to develop a ‘Cohorting-as-a-Service’ function which will underpin strategic initiatives such as Covid Vaccination and Screening Therapeutics: “this service will deliver consistent, clinically assured, timely and cost efficient cohorting for the NHS, whilst also helping to lay the groundwork for the delivery of future goals of the NHS such as personalised healthcare and preventative medicine.”

Cohorting-as-a-Service securely identifies groups of people with shared characteristics from demographic data, GP data, hospital data, and other datasets. This enables tailored direct care to be delivered, thus improving health and social care outcomes. The service is currently being used to create flu and Covid vaccination cohorts as well as to identify immunocompromised individuals. The Cohorting-as-a-Service programme has numerous goals over the rest of 2023 including, for example, adding functionality to clone or modify an existing cohort to allow users to repeat campaigns, and delivering a communications manager module.

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