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Brightsolid Launches Cloud Foundations to Make Cloud Deployment Fast and Secure

Brightsolid, the managed hybrid cloud services company, has today launched Cloud Foundations, a new product that will allow organisations to quickly launch secure and compliant AWS clouds, removing the complexities often associated with AWS cloud deployments.

The product – which Brightsolid believes is the first of its kind available in Scotland – has been developed to plug a gap in the market for a ready-to-go, cost-effective and fully managed solution to simplify and accelerate the adoption of secure AWS public cloud environments.  

Cloud Foundations will help organisations who want to use public cloud to fuel their business transformation, however, may be concerned about where to start and may not have the relevant in-house skills or knowledge to fully explore how the public cloud could benefit them.

The operational benefits of using the public cloud to support business growth plans are well recognised by business leaders, but many organisations find the cost, compliance, resource and security implications challenging and time-consuming.

Cloud Foundations will provide a ready-to-use AWS ‘landing zone’ environment with inbuilt security, access and compliance controls aligned with industry good practice. These controls, preconfigured to meet standards such as ISO27001, COBIT and PCI, will significantly accelerate the deployment of AWS allowing new environments to be set up within hours. This will also avoid difficult retrofitting of controls in AWS after implementation.

For hybrid cloud customers, Cloud Foundations can easily and quickly connect existing services directly into AWS, leveraging resilient AWS Direct Connect connections from both Aberdeen and Dundee data centres.

Cloud Foundations is available at a fixed price and will also simplify all AWS usage, support, marketplace services and rebates into one invoice, providing customers with a meaningful view on public cloud spend.

Elaine Maddison, Brightsolid CEO, said: “Business transformation continually features in the reasons why an organisation deploys a new technology. This is only accelerating with the current global Covid-19 crisis, as organisations recognise the continuity and agility benefits that public cloud can provide. Cloud Foundations will provide guardrails to those organisations that want to rapidly realise these benefits with the peace of mind that they don’t need to worry about connectivity, security, compliance, cost and integration implications. Ultimately, organisations will be given the power to deploy the right cloud at the right time to quickly achieve their desired results.”

Jon Gasparini, CTO at Brightsolid added: “Realisation is growing that ‘self-service’ on AWS cloud platforms in the ‘wrong hands’ can lead to inadequate security and compliance controls, which can increase the risk of cloud solutions and data being compromised and not meeting specific industry good practice.  With the right knowledge and experience you can both embed and demonstrate the effectiveness of security and compliance controls from the outset.  These controls are not designed to stop your cloud engineers and developers from building new and innovative cloud-based solutions, but rather keep them, your services and your data safe.  Cloud Foundations will save organisations time and directly benefit those who don’t hold the deep technical knowledge needed to set up public cloud environments. It will bridge the gap between the desire to do more in the cloud with the knowledge that a project and its associated data will be provided with an enhanced level of security that would have ordinarily not been covered by as part of the standard shared responsibility agreement with a public cloud provider.”

Available immediately, Cloud Foundations provides clients of any size or sector with a ready-to-go AWS environment allowing them to benefit from:

  • Managed compliance, networking and access controls – significantly accelerating time to value.
  • Zero touch deployment images for fixed and dynamic compute – immediately delivering agility and flex.
  • Cost reporting with AWS service pass through (optional)
  • Managed network connect via dual diverse fibres into AWS (optional)

More information on Cloud Foundations and Brightsolid professional services can be found here:

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