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Cathcart Technology Invests in Technical Education for Local Primary School

Independent technology recruitment specialist, Cathcart Technology, has gifted four ‘Marty the Robots’ to local Royal High Primary school in Edinburgh.

Created by Robotical, Marty the Robot is an educational tool designed to teach children and young adults the basics of robotics and coding in a playful and toy-like form. The ‘humanoid’ robot offers screen-free programming using Python and the toy language, Scratch.

The rapid growth of the technology sector over the last few years, and the extraordinary advancements of new technologies, has caused a major shortage of tech talent. Despite Scotland’s organic pipeline of skilled workers, there is a chronic lack of talent to meet the hiring demands of the technology sector, and not enough interest amongst children and young adults to pursue a career in technology.

Cathcart Technology believes that by providing educational resources for children, they can help engage their interest in computer science, whilst developing their problem-solving and robotics skills. The idea is to provide young children with a platform to learn coding in an entertaining way, whilst supporting children’s progression to more advanced programming in the future. By investing in the next generation of tech experts, they aim to alleviate the ever-increasing gap in tech talent, one Marty the Robot at a time.

Gordon Kaye, Managing Director at Cathcart Technology, says: “We’re very proud to be ‘giving back’ to the local community in the form of our donation of four Marty the Robots to one of our local state primary schools. It’s well documented that there is a chronic shortage of tech talent in Scotland, with coding skills, in particular, really hampering the growth of our digital economy. It’s a ‘grass roots’ problem, with not enough young children taking an interest in the application of technology or understanding the amazing career opportunities available on our doorstep.

“We really hope that building and operating the Marty’s will really capture their imagination and start a journey of fun and fulfilment for many young children across a very wide spectrum of backgrounds.”

Jennifer Sandeman, Primary Schoolteacher at Royal High Primary also comments on the investment, stating: “Myself and our team of pupil Digital Deputies were so excited to receive the Marty’s from Gordon Kaye, Managing Director, and Zoe Cobbett, Marketing and Office Co-ordinator at Cathcart Technology! We have been busy meeting as a group to make a plan of how we will showcase our wonderful new robots with the school and can’t wait to get started!”

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